Krombacher Pilsner 0.5% – 6/12 x 330ml


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This refreshing and natural isotonic* lager is the ideal thirst quencher after sports. This great low-alcohol beer is full of taste and has a vastly reduced calorie content.

And it has the convincing Krombacher taste. Brewed with natural spring water, it enjoys cold, gentle fermentation and storage.

Dry Drinker tip: Best served ice-cold, straight from the bottle!

*Isotonic? What’s that about?
Isotonic drinks can quickly replace the fluids, salts and minerals we lose when sweating, and are easy for our systems to take on board. So, you could settle for a sugary sports drink after exercise – or reach for a tasty and isotonic low-alcohol beer instead!

Ingredients:  water, barley malt, hops, hop extract

typical value by 100 ml
energy – 27 kcal
carbohydrate – 5.9 g
of which sugar –3.4 g

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