Liripip Table Beer 2.7% Low Alcohol Beer 8/16/24 x 330ml cans


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Liripip Tasting notes

The Wild Beer co. have used new to them Simcoe and Mosaic hops. The specific hops they have used are those that are left over from the cryo-hop process – the leafiness that best resembles noble hops.

These hops create a grassiness whilst still retaining their classic US fruitiness. Combined, this pairing of yeast and hops give for a characterful and tasty low ABV beer.

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Liripip is The Wild Beer co’s very first table beer, available in can and keg. At just 2.7% it has all of the body of a higher ABV beer thanks to their house Saison yeast whilst the dry hop gives an unexpected punch to the table beer style.

Using the same Saison and wine yeast blend as Murmur, Liripip has a full mouthfeel as a result of the mannoproteins produced by the wine yeasts. This helps to give more body and complexity to a lower ABV beer.

Food Pairing 
The key to pairing Liripip with food is matching with intensities as it is quite delicate and may easily be overpowered by strong dishes. The crisp finish, complexities and tight carbonation give it the versatility to complement a large variety of plates.

A pan-fried sea bream would match beautifully with Liripip beautifully due to the light bitterness and bubbles that scrub away any oiliness and refreshes the palate.

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