Exclusive Mad Driver Energy Ale Guarana™ 0.5% 6/12 500ml



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Mad Driver Energy Ale Guarana ™ mixes the isotonic nutrients of beer with the revitalising power of guarana.

The guarana’s natural caffeine gives you a boost similar to a coffee or energy drink, all built on a malt beer base.


An energising and delicious malty mouthful. Only 119 calories a bottle.

Best enjoyed  at 8-10 °C.

The Mad Drivers

What do you get when you mix a crazy yeast microbiologist with an experienced but also slightly mad craft beer brewer? Lots of crazy ideas for non alcoholic beers, including the world’s first alcohol free Vermont IPA.

Remik – he’s the connoisseur who has been creating craft beers for the Polish market for over ten years —  and Henry, the yeast scientist, discovered that making a good beer isn’t easy. In fact, with innumerable test fermentations, they first learned how not to do it.

But their determination to brew something really special paid off, with a range of non alcoholic beers packed with full flavour and aroma.


Barley malt, Magnat and Citra hops, Energy Tea Guarana, natural guarana extract, yeast, natural caffeine 22 mg / 100 ml

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