MARY Low Alcohol Botanical Blend 6% 75cl

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What’s Mary

Mary is a responsibly sourced 6% ABV  botanical blend, with a dash of alcohol. It was specifically designed to have a lighter touch on your body, mind and the world. It has a deliciously fresh, sophisticatedly dry taste that goes perfectly with tonic.

Tasting Notes

MARY is a deliciously fresh, sophisticatedly dry, lower alcohol (6%) botanical blend made with responsibly sourced garden herbs.

Made in the UK with seven freshly distilled botanical essences (basil, thyme, sage, coriander seed, angelica root, juniper, and pine needle) blended with a light touch of spirit base.

It tastes like a country garden in summertime.  Long and dry, there’s the peppery juniper of gin, lots of vibrant basil and thyme, a zesty menthol freshness (magically, because it doesn’t contain any citrus or anything minty) and lots of lingering herbal sage on the finish.

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Why 6% ABV

Because a light touch of alcohol makes a difference. The majority of consumers do not want to fully abstain from alcohol and become teetotalers. MARY delivers a superior, award winning taste experience without any of the negative effects usually associated with full strengths drinks. MARY helps people to moderate their alcohol consumption by hitting the sweet spot  between the sophisticated taste only alcohol can deliver and consumers’ desire to moderate their alcohol intake.


Added benefits 



Made with responsibly sourced ingredients.

No added sugars, sweeteners, or artificial flavours, making it completely plant based.

Lower Calorie

Weight 1 kg
Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values PER 100ML
energy (kJ) 144kj
energy (kcal) 34kcal
fat 0g
saturates 0g
carbohydrate 0g
sugars 0g
protein 0g
salt 0g