MeMento Non-Alcoholic Spirit 1 x 70cl



Thanks MeMento non-alcoholic spirit is new and very special.

Deliciously aromatic, it’s an alcohol free distillate from the Mediterranean. MeMento blends the botanical essences of:

  • rosemary
  • lemon verbena
  • rose
  • helichrysum italicum (also known as the ‘curry plant’)

And it’s packed with flavour!

How to enjoy

The perfect aperitif, you can enjoy MeMento:

  • neat, to savour its purity
  • with tonic or your choice of mixer
  • as the base for cocktails

Tasting notes

MeMento has the bittersweet, herbal impact of a good vermouth, especially over ice and with a citrus slice. (Lemon or lime both work well). Its long finish says ‘proper’ drink not soft drink.

Dry Drinker is the only UK stockist of MeMento, which is made in Milan, Italy.

It’s a real palate pleaser. And, with its stylish bottle, MeMento would make a handsome gift for a Dry Drinker friend.


MeMento is:
• organic
• vegan
• sugar free
• gluten free.

Ancient remedies

The botanical essences of MeMento are distilled using knowledge handed down in the Ricettario Fiorentino in 1498. This was one of the first pharmacopoeias, or list of medicinal drugs.

Flavours savoured

Each ingredients is distilled separately to preserve its individual identity. It is then blended to form a sophisticated bouquet.

MeMento mocktails

With such a great aroma, MeMento is a versatile base for mocktails. Here are a few:

Citrus Eden

MeMento        60 mls
pink grapefruit juice 60 mls
lime juice        30 mls
egg white          5 mls

Shake and strain
Serve in a long glass and dress with pink grapefruit zest

MeMento Mary

MeMento          60 ml
lemon juice      30 ml
tomato juice    60 ml
carrot juice      30 ml

Stir together in a tumbler with a celery stick

Rosemary and Clover

MeMento         60 ml
raspberry puree    15 ml
lemon juice     30 ml
egg white         15 ml

Shake and strain
Serve in a goblet with raspberry skewers.


Nutritional Facts

Nutritional ValuesPer 100ml
of which sugars0.09g

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values Per 100ml
energy (kcal) 1.53kcal
fat 0.10g
carbohydrate 0.09g
sugars 0.09g
protein 0.10g