Mikkeller Limbo Riesling 0.3% Low Alcohol Beer 8/12 x 330ml


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Mikkeller Limbo Riesling is a Flemish Primitive non alcoholic sour beer, with Riesling Juice from Mikkeller Vineyards.

The Danish craft beer company is crazy excited to introduce this new brew to the world.

It’s the latest in their Limbo series and you need to taste it!

Teacher turned brewer

In 2006, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø was a maths and physics teacher who began experimenting with hops, malt and yeast at home in his kitchen in Copenhagen.

Today he exports his micro-brewed beer to 40 countries and is acclaimed as one of the world’s most innovative brewers.

Mikkeller Limbo Riesling – another craft vision

Innovative Danish craft brewer Mikkeller aims to brew quality beer that you’ll choose to savour with good food. Never mind the wine, you’ll reach for a Mikkeller – that’s their mission statement.

Notably, they do this using the best ingredients and most talented team. Above all, their vision insists they DON’T make watery or tasteless beer. What better news for alcohol free fans? At Mikkeller, beer is there to challenge our taste buds – be it bitter, spicy, sour or fruity.

Love the labels

Mikkeller bottles stand out immediately, thanks to designer Keith Shore’s distinctive labels. Highly coloured and slightly weird, they’re telling a story about the beer inside. It’s another sign of quality, we think.

Weight N/A
Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values PER 100ML
energy (kJ) 144KJ
energy (kcal) 34KCAL
fat 0.5g
saturates 0.5g
carbohydrate 8g
sugars 4.7g
protein 1.0g
salt 0.1g