Mixed Gluten Free Beer Case 12 x 330ml

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You won’t a box like this anywhere else, This Drydrinker mixed box gives you a perfect blend of the best alcohol & gluten free beers from the Uk and Europes most innovative craft breweries,

3x Jump/Ship Yardarm Lager 0.5% Gluten Free

3x Aegir Bryggeri Minus Alcohol Gluten Free IPA 0.5% 

3x Big Drop Lager Gluten Free 0.5% 

3x Drop Bear Tropical IPA


Product Description

Gluten free explained

This law means that you can be sure that any product labelled ‘gluten free‘ contains 20 parts per million of or less of gluten, which is a safe level for all people following a gluten free diet.

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Law on gluten free – Coeliac UK