Good Karma Positive Vibrations NEPA 0.2% 8/16/24 x 330ml


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Our New England pale ale. It’s all the haze, all the mouthfeel, all the juice
and aroma without the alcohol.

Motueka and Azacca: a punchy combo of fruity, tropical and citrus notes.

Ingredients : Water, Malted Barley extract, Hop extract, Yeast, Natural flavourings.



Good Karma is the brainchild of alcohol-free beer pioneer and industry consultant, Steve Sailopal. Worked in the beer industry since 2008 initially selling Belgian beer until playing an integral part in rise of alcohol free beer ‘mindful drinking movement’ since 2014.

Altogether his years of industry experience incl beer consulting, crafting irresistible organic drinks, pushing product development boundaries, driving effective marketing campaigns and uplifting sales.

Like so many high performing people, Steve had personal experience of health issues in 2018

Steve took time in Goa, India, to immerse himself into the world of mindfulness, meditation, yoga practice and Ayurvedic medicine to restore his health.

Inspired by what he learned during this healing time there, he returned to the UK after 2 years with a renewed passion to use
this experience to create a fresh, innovative brand that improved people’s enjoyment of life while also doing good for the planet we experience this life upon.

Trust Steve to turn a profound life experience into a purposeful business, his understanding of cultural zeitgeist topped with his compassionate personality mean only he is best placed to deliver Good Karma to the mindful drinking audience.

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