Nirvana Zen & Berries Alcohol Free Beer 0.5% – 12 x 330ml

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Nirvana Zen & Berries Alcohol Free Beer is one of a kind.

With blueberry and ginger, it is a balanced fruit sour beer with no alcohol. It’s a proper summer quaffing drink, stacked with positivity.

Tasting notes

Naturally soured, British-sourced blueberries and a generous helping of fresh ginger create the refreshing, summery character. It’s a collaboration between Nirvana and London Fields Brewery team.

Exciting stuff! Order yours from Dry Drinker and watch this space for fresh fun creations to come.

Mindful drinking

Zen & Berries was launched at the Mindful Drinking Festival Saturday 28 July, along with Nirvana’s Ananda Buchabeer.

Nirvana Brewery Co-Founder Steve Dass says: ‘Our focus is to bring innovation, creativity and a whole lot of good vibes to the alcohol-free beer scene.’

Nirvana Brewery

Steve and fellow craft beer fan Becky Kean founded Nirvana Brewery in 2017 and it’s the UK’s only dedicated low and alcohol-free craft brewery.

Without doubt, Nirvana Brewery combines traditional techniques with the latest innovations to create natural, handcrafted beers in small batches. All offer refreshment, distinctive noses and character.

Low calorie and vegan

Nirvana Brewery’s focus is on using locally sourced, natural ingredients to create great tasting beers.

All the beers are low calorie and vegan and brewed without chemical enhancements.

London Fields Brewery

Founded in 2011, London Fields Brewery was the first commercial brewery to open in Hackney, east London since the 19th century.

The team is proud to produce quality beers for balanced, joyful drinkability. A notch above the same old, same old.

Look forward to lots more experimental and small-batch beers made with other breweries.

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