Northern Monk Striding Edge IPA 2.8% 8/16/24 Low ABV 440ml


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Vegan Friendly
Vegan Friendly

A Light IPA inspired by one of the North’s highest peaks.

Tasting Notes

True north for the believers. Vegan. A light IPA inspired by one of the North’s highest peaks. Piney, citrusy and fresh. Always true North. Unpasteurised and unfined, this is a fresh product and should be experience as such.

Brewed in the North with Brian Dickson

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Beer Making At Northern Monk

Talented Yorkshire brewers Northern Monk offer an impressive range of some powerful beers (think 5% ABV to 12 %ABV!). But behind the scenes they’ve been working on Lower ABV beers of their classic

Northern Monk

Northern Monk set out a few years ago to brew some of the best beer in the world from a damp cellar in the north. With the support of family and friends, and the gift of £5,000 from a grandparent, they’ve come a long way. They’ve got a lasting commitment to creating the best beer experiences they can, while working with the community around them.

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