OOH Pineapple Sour Low Alcohol 0.5% 8/16/24 x 330ml


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The newest addition to First Chops expanding low alcohol range.

A refreshing, puckering pineapple sour with over 200kg of real fruit puree.

A perfect sunny day chugger! 


Who Are First Chop

First Chop Brewing Arm was established in 2012 with a passion to make great beer and a borrowed micro brewery. Rik the Master Brewer started off thinking i’d brew 800 pints  of beer every couple of months. Within 6 months I had orders for 8,000 pints per week! Borrowing a brewery just wasn’t an option any more so I took the plunge and bought my own micro-brewery. I opened up in a railway arch in Salford in 2013 and haven’t looked back. There have been a few setbacks along the way – a fire in 2016 destroyed the original railway arch brewery but we moved on to bigger and better things at a new site. We brewed our millionth pint in December 2018 and now produce close to  30,000 pints every week and have grown to a team of six.

First Chop is beer for everyone all of our beer is vegan and the majority of our beer is gluten free. Our tested and certified gluten free beer will carry the cross grain logo and clearly states gluten free. There is no place for gluten in beer so we make sure we remove virtually all and we test to show a gluten content of below 10 PPM (parts per million). This doesn’t make our beer taste any different, it is just testament to our stringent quality procedures. Good quality beer is virtually gluten free, our many awards are proof of that. We test every batch so anyone with a gluten allergy or intolerance has that peace of mind.



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