Nirvana Sutra IPA 0.5% – 6/12 x 330ml




Enjoy alcohol free Sutra IPA for the first time at Dry Drinker.

Tasting notes

The new alcohol-free IPA from Nirvana Brewery has a light amber body and gentle carbonation. Also savour those pine, spice and floral flavours and aromas. It’s high in hops and brilliantly bitter.

Food pairing

Sutra pairs well with a curry, or any strong, spicy food. And it has a place with bold puddings — think ginger cake or cardamon rice pudding. Or even some crumbled Gorgonzola.

Discover Nirvana

Nirvana is an exciting new London-based, small independent craft brewing company, dedicated to making delicious alcohol free beer.

Our sutra

Did you know ‘sutra’ is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘string’ or ‘thread’? Also it is used for a text, an astute observation or a theory to follow (yes, we’ve all heard of the Kama Sutra, ahem).

So, ‘You CAN enjoy alcohol-free beer’ is the sutra we follow at Dry Drinker, the UK’s most-trusted alcohol free store. So, with Sutra, Nirvana Brewery has crafted another great beer to make this happen. If you enjoy their

Brewery yoga!

How grounded are Nirvana? They even run yoga sessions at their brewery near the banks of London’s River Lea. You could do a Downward Dog after drinking one of these beauties (but you don’t have to).

So, if you’re a craft beer fan looking for light beers, cutting back for health reasons or just fancy a lifestyle change, break free from entangled roots, escape the woven web, and liberate your tastebuds with this new classic alcohol-free craft beer from Nirvana Brewery.

Like all of Nirvana’s handcrafted alcohol free beers, only the finest ingredients are used to brew Sutra.

Nirvana Craft Beer Collection

Try the Nirvana Craft Beer Collection, exclusive to Dry Drinker.

Trusted Shops review

‘Lovely beers. You would not know they were alcohol free. Recommended’


Nutritional Facts

Nutritional ValuesPer 100ml
of which sugars0.1g

Additional information

Weight N/A

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values Per 100ml
energy (kcal) 10kcal
fat 0.1g
carbohydrate 1.7g
sugars 0.1g
protein 0.1g