Real Kombucha Smoke House 6/12 x 275ml



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Real Kombucha Smoke House is brewed in the UK for open minds. It’s non alcoholic tea fermentation at its finest.

A wonderful refreshing all-day drinks, Smoke House is also perfect to pair with robust spicy and smoked foods. We’re talking more than English Breakfast here…

Kombucha explained

Kombucha is fermented tea. Yeast and bacterial fermentation, and time, create a deliciously tart drink. (With about as much alcohol as a loaf of white bread, at 0.35% ABV).

The unique Real Kombucha process builds on the delicacy of hand-picked, loose leaf fine teas.

Tasting notes

Rich, rounded and full of apple and caramel with a delicate smokey top note. You’ll notice the tea character more than with other brews. But you might think you were  drinking a light natural cider. Serve in a short-stemmed Belgian beer glass, well chilled.

Food pairing

Smoke House serves well alongside robust meats, spicy and smoked foods or full-flavoured sauces. It’s also fantastic with rich desserts.


Fermented from a black tea, Smoke House holds chocolate, malt and floral characters well, making it an ideal mixer for big-flavoured alcohol free cocktails.

Tea talk

A delicate, smokey, black tea from the high mountains of southern China brews us Smoke House. It is often grown by smaller, permaculture plantations.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional ValuesPer 100ml
of which sugars2g

Additional information

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values Per 100ml
energy (kJ) kj 61
energy (kcal) 15kcal
fat 0g
carbohydrate 2g
sugars 2g
protein 0g