Rocktails Citrus Spritz Distilled Botanical Blend alcohol free 250ml



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Rocktails Citrus Spritz Distilled Botanical Blend is a lightly sparkling drink with no alcohol but lots of grown-up flavours.

Lemon zest meets juniper berries in this refreshing spritz, with base notes of grapefruit peel and a fragrant infusion of lime, lavender and basil.

Small batches

Rocktails crafted blends are made in a traditional way: botanicals are copper-pot distilled in small batches.

Distilled botanicals

5 distilled botanicals make Rocktails Citrus Spritz so much more than a soft drink:

  • lemon
  • grapefruit peel
  • juniper
  • lavender
  • basil


  • lightly carbonated water
  • Rocktails botanical blend (7% steam botanical distillates, extracts and natural flavour)
  • organic agave nectar
  • citric acid


typical value by 100 ml
energy – 15.2 kcal
carbohydrate – 2.6 g
of which sugar – 2.6  g

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