St Peter’s Without® 0.00% – 6/12 x 330ml




St Peter’s Without® alcohol free is a superb full-bodied alcohol free craft ale. Brewed with skilled and patience at St Peter’s, one of Britain’s finest small craft breweries, it’s now the world’s number 1 non alcoholic beer!


Think malt loaf. This is the still, strong and silent type, with just an edge of delicate bitterness.  Uniquely full-bodied lasting finish.


Works alongside hearty foods. Smoked sausage and a crumbly Cheshire. And a proper pud.


Relevant to the diet conscious, Without® has 153 calories per pint, compared to more than 200 per pint in popular alcoholic craft ales.

Micro-brewery history

St Peter’s Brewery is based in a beautiful and remote moated 13th century manor house in Suffolk, while the brewery itself is housed in traditional agricultural buildings.

Significantly, it has led the way in the resurgence of craft breweries in the UK since its launch in 1995.

The especially beautiful flask-shaped oval bottle is a copy of one produced in around 1770 for one Thomas Gerrard of Gibbstown, Philadelphia, no less. The original is now kept at St. Peter’s Hall and is a rare example of an oval eighteenth Century beer bottle.

Pure water & Kentish hops

Without begins its life deep below the ground, with pure water drawn from a borehole. Just add Kentish Hops, locally malted barley, yeast and lots of skill from head brewer Steve Groves.

Alcohol free brewing brilliance

So, it took time and a many false steps to devise the special production process used to make Without. It involves tweaked fermentation and the stripping out of residual alcohol, which doesn’t affect the distinctive taste.

International appeal

In fact, a traditional Slavic fermented drink called Kvass broadly resembles Without®. Both share strong rye flavours and are alcohol free. So, Without® should certainly go down well in Russia, the Baltic countries and perhaps even parts of China!

Without® a doubt, Dry Drinker are delighted to be stockists for this very fine ale. Buy yours online now!

And, meanwhile, why not try Without® Gold, the delicious new alcohol free golden ale from St Peter’s.

Ingredients: water, malted barley, rye, hops and yeast


Typical value by 100 ml

energy – 27 kcal

carbohydrate – 6.4 g

of which sugar – 1.6 g


Trusted Shops review

‘Treating myself to a bottle or two of the new Gold Ale from St Peters. Excellent. Being a repeat customer I can’t thank Dry Drinker enough for the quality of the beers, but also the best customer service experience a customer will experience.’ (July 2017)

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