Stiegl Freibier 0.5% Low Alcohol Beer 12x330ml


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Stiegl Freibier Alcohol Free Beer is the right choice when you want a real beer without alcohol.

It is a beer for the health- and calorie-conscious connoisseur (only 26 kcal / 100ml), who doesn’t want to compromise on taste.

Tasting notes

Well-balanced and full-bodied. Aromatic Austrian Saphir hops give the unfiltered beer a refreshing, citrus bitterness.

Stiegl Freibier is bottom fermented and has a natural cloudiness.

Best served at 5 to 6 ºC

Enjoy on its own, or with a light meal.



525-year history

Stiegl is Austria’s leading private brewery. It was founded in Salzburg in 1492. First called ‘The House by the Steps’. By 1650, it was the largest of 12 breweries in the city. In 1780 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart visited the Stieglbräu. It has been making beer from locally sourced ingredients throughout.

Stiegl Freibier Ingredients

water, barley malt, hops, yeast, carbon dioxide from fermentation


typical value by 100 ml
energy –  26 kcal

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