Stowford Press Cider Gluten Free 0.5% – 6/12 x 330ml



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Dry Drinker stocks alcohol free Stowford Press Cider 0.5% ABV because we think it is the best low-alcohol cider on the market. It meets our high taste standards.

It’s because the light-gold colour reflects its truly fruity and refreshing apple flavours.

To enjoy at its best, serve ice-cold and straight from the bottle!

Alcohol free Stowford Press Cider is gluten free

Are you sensitive to gluten or do you have coeliacs disease? If so, cider is certainly one of the most delicious drinks available for you to enjoy. Because it’s made of apples, cider contains no gluten.

Equally, if the hops in beer give you a runny nose or itchy eyes, cider is the drink for you!

An apple a day

Maybe there’s some truth in the old saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Apples contain antioxidants called polyphenols. Chiefly, antioxidants are chemicals thought to protect against the harmful effects of chemicals called free radicals. These are naturally produced in every living cell and are known to cause cell damage. So alongside the lovely taste, all the apples in your alcohol free cider could be doing you good.


Surprisingly, there’s only 81 calories in a 330ml bottle of Stowford Press alcohol free cider, which is about half what you’d get from a typical alcoholic cider.


Stowford Press is part of Westons Cider, which began life in Herefordshire in 1878. And it is still there. They combine local apples, traditional harvesting and production methods with a useful dose of modern technology. And then we get a lovely low alcohol version of their long established alcoholic cider.

Local apples, additive free

First, the alcohol free cider is matured in old oak vats. After that it is carefully blended to produce a refreshing low alcohol drink with a quality and character. Significantly, there is no artificial colouring, flavouring or sweetening. There’s just apples, all local and all hand-pressed.

Ingredients: water, apple juice, cider, sugar, carbon dioxide, malic acid, preservative: potassium metabilsulphite

typical value by 100 ml
energy – 27 kcal
of which sugar – 6.4 g

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‘Excellent selection of non alcoholic beers and ciders. Efficient delivery process.’ (August 2017)

‘Brilliant service, fast and efficient. Excellent communication keeping you up to date on your order. Unsurpassable choice of drinks and tasting notes are spot on. I am a very satisfied customer.’ (October 2017)

‘By far the best drinks delivery ever experienced – thank you (October 2017)

So, give alcohol free cider a try with Stowford Press from Dry Drinker. Or ask for it to be included in your Dry Drinker Mixed Case.

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