0% Alcohol Premium Party Pack

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The ultimate premium selection of 0% alcohol drinks including 3 bottles of premium bubbles, 16 fantastic beers and a bottle of Tanquery 0.0% for the G&T lovers.

This kit is the perfect way to show your guests you care by making sure the non-drinkers have a delcious selection of drinks too. A garden party crowd pleaser,

the 0% Alcohol Premium Party Pack contains: – 3x OddBird Sparkling Spumante  – 4x Full Ship of IPA 0.0% – 4x Estrella Galcia Lager 0.0% – 4x Doombar 0.0% – 4x Peroni Libera 0.0% – 1x Tanqueray 0.0

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Oddbird Spumante 0% Alcohol Free Wine is an elegant sparkling wine that will brings an extensive palate with tones of white pear, green apple, elderflower, honeymelon, citrus, gooseberry and grapefruit.

A Ship Full of IPA 0% is your dry drinking version of the best-selling ale in Sweden. And you get flavour to match the 5.8% ABV version without a drop of alcohol, thanks to the brilliant folk at Brutal Brewing.

Estrella Galicia Lager 0.0% is a delicious alcohol free beer which boasts the golden colour of a typical Pilsner style beer, it has a subtle aroma with floral hoppy notes and a pleasantly sweet flavour that is slightly bitter.

Doom Bar Zero 0.0% is a deliciously moreish, alcohol free amber ale. Just like full-strength Doom Bar, it’s perfectly balanced, with subtle yet complex flavours.

Peroni Libera 0.0% is the perfect beer for when you want that special Peroni refreshment without the alcohol. A distinctive crisp and refreshing taste is what makes Peroni Libera 0.0% stand out. It has a fine bitterness and a fast and clean finish, with a notable citrus aroma.

Tanqueray 0.0 perfectly balances four botanicals to give a complex and refreshing taste with the juniper and citrus style that Tanqueray is famous for. It allows you to discover the definitive experience from Tanqueray, just without the alcohol. Enjoy with your favourite tonic and garnish over ice, then sip, savour and appreciate

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