The Doctors’ Rosé Marlborough Lower Alcohol Wine 9.5%

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Low alcohol, lively rosé from the innovative team at Forrest Wines

This latest addition to the Doctors’ range of low alcohol (9.5% ABV) wines is a blend of Pinot Noir and Arneis grapes. It’s dry, crisp and full of strawberry and cherry flavours, with a hint of sage and thyme.

This wine contains alcohol

Please note: This is a lower ABV product.


From splitting the atom to bungy jumping, we’ve always had forward thinkers keeping us ahead of the curve.

Pioneers in the Marlborough wine industry since 1988, John and Brigid Forrest– both doctors in their own right – kept asking ‘what’s next?’.

Success came with the 2006 vintage Riesling, planting the seed for the innovative Sauvignon Blanc in 2009 and Rosé and Pinot Noir, a world first at 9.5% alcohol, in 2017.

Their unique combination of scientific minds, creative souls and a desire to challenge the status quo has created wines for the modern world.

We are thinking about the future of wine drinking and we are also thinking about the next day. Our wines are for socialising and enjoying with friends, but still staying sharp.

The Doctors’ are impeccably structured, full flavoured, lower alcohol lifestyle wines, with no compromises in the wine growing process and – more importantly – no compromises to your wine drinking experience.

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