To Øl Implosion 0.3% – 6/12 x 330ml



Tasting Notes

 A light and chuggable beer, with lovely peachy notes from the yeast and high-quality hops. The body is well-rounded with a slightly crisp sweetness, perfectly balanced by the dry hopping.

Who Are To Øl

To Øl are especially proud of this beer and wanted to share with us at Drydrinker. It’s not often non-alcoholic beers are praised for their complexity or taste and given the track record of what’s been on offer up until now, it’s understandably so. This is why when they created a non-alcoholic option, they wanted to highlight that omitting alcohol does not mean omitting flavor, depth and complexity. This beer actually contains a very special yeast strain that was cultivated from a pear tree standing in Tore’s parent’s garden. It creates wonderful pear and cider aromas, as well as a satisfying Riesling-like acidity – and it’s been three experimental years in the making!


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