Vintense Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol Free Wine 750ml


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You’ll be surprised by the cranberry and cherry notes of this Vintense Cabernet Sauvignon alcohol free wine.

Tasting notes

Intense ruby colour with a bright reflection. Dry currant, grape and mocha nose. A fleshy, pleasant palate with bitterness on the finish and notes of cranberry juice and cherry.

100% Cab Sav grapes.

Food pairing

More tannic than others, this full-bodied red wine pairs well with strong tasting meats –  think slices of lamb, duck pâté, smoked ham – and strong cheeses. Ideal with a mixed plate of cured meats. Why not try sweet and salty prunes wrapped in smoked bacon – delicious devils on horseback!

Serve at 12-16 °c

Taste not calories

Vintense Cabernet Sauvignon alcohol free wine has only 18 kcal per 100ml, significantly that’s less than half of a typical wine.

Unique Vintense process

Vintense is about 100% pleasure with 0.0% alcohol. Their wine experts carefully select the grapes and wines that work best alcohol free.

How do they remove the alcohol? Wine is put under a low pressure, in a vacuum, which allows alcohol to be evaporated at a low temperature (40 °c max). This preserves the wine’s volatile flavours and original qualities. Most of its taste and aromatic characteristics are preserved.


typical value by 100 ml
energy – 18 kcal
carbohydrate – 4.5 g
of which sugar – 4 g

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