Sparkling Vintense Fine Bubbles alcohol free 0% 750ml


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Vintense Fine Bubbles alcohol free is the perfect aperitif to share at any time. Balanced, delicate and refreshing, it will entrance your guests.

Tasting notes

Clear, yellow, with a slight green reflection. Fruity nose with light notes of lemony muscat. Fresh and supple taste, with peach, lemon and muscat on the finish.

Food pairing

The perfect aperitif and cocktail base, it also works well with fish and shellfish. Time to try oysters perhaps?

Serve at 5-8°c

Vintense Fine Bubbles alcohol free Cocktails

Bubbles make great cocktails. Why not try these quick but satisfying alcohol free recipes?

Vintense Bellini

  • Pour 40ml of peach juice into a glass
  • Slowly add 80ml of Vintense Fine White Bubbles
  • Mix gently and enjoy!

Vintense Cosmo

  • Pour 20ml of cranberry juice into a glass
  • Add 20ml of orange juice and 10ml of lemon juice
  • Top it off with 60ml of Vintense Fine Bubbles White
  • Stir gently and enjoy fresh

Taste not calories

Vintense Fine Bubbles has only 24 kcal per 100ml – less than half of a typical sparkling wine.

Unique Vintense process

Vintense is about 100% pleasure with 0.0% alcohol. Their wine experts carefully select the grapes and wines that work best alcohol free.

How do they remove the alcohol? Wine is put under a low pressure, in a vacuum, which allows alcohol to be evaporated at a low temperature (40 °c max). This preserves the wine’s volatile flavours and original qualities. Most of its taste and aromatic characteristics are preserved.



typical value by 100 ml
energy 28 kcal
carbohydrate  5.8 g
of which sugar 5.8 g


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