🇬🇧Xachoh Blend No. 5 Non-Alcoholic Spirit 70cl



Lift your spirits with Xachoh Blend No. 5 Non-Alcoholic spirit, an intense and fragrant alternative if you are seeking more from every moment.

This distillation of premium Spice Road botanicals gives you the clarity of mind and freedom to indulge that alcohol can’t.

Free from alcohol, sweeteners and extracts, Xachoh offers the genuine feel-good factor. Made for you to enjoy with meals. (And it’s not another gin-alternative).

How to say it

You pronounce Xachoh as ‘Za-Ko’.

Tasting notes

An elegant and complex aroma, with the freshness of star anise as its backbone. A potent yet sweet flavour, it is heady without overpowering the palate.

Enjoy the warmth and fruitiness of ginger root, balanced by the depth of long pepper and turmeric. Then honeyed chamomile notes offer a touch of sweet creaminess. Finally, the refreshing acidity of barberry and rosemary cuts through the rich flavours. You’ll find it mouthwatering.

Perfect serve

Serve 50 ml of Xachoh Blend No.5, topped with 150 ml of your favourite mixer. Xachoh tastes delicious with any mixer.

Or enjoy neat over ice.

Silk Road botanicals

Star anise, ginger, long pepper, turmeric, camomile, barberry, rosemary: Xachoh Blend No. 5 is distilled from these Silk Road botanicals. Only premium herbs and spices are used.

It is free from alcohol, extracts, flavours, sugar, sweeteners, fat and calories.

Influence of ancient Persia

Xachoh is inspired by the rich heritage of ancient Persia, an era of great learning and discovery. It was the time and place of polymath scholars Zakariya Razi – the first to identify alcohol as a compound (though he never drank it) – and Avicenna, whose invention of the refrigerated coil revolutionised distillation.

It is also the birthplace of the founder’s family. Six generations have handed down the secrets, skills and knowledge to create Xachoh – pure alcohol free spirit infused with exotic herbs and spices.

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Nutritional Facts

Nutritional ValuesPer 100ml
of which sugars0g

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