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Noughty is the leading premium non-alcoholic wine brand by Thomson & Scott.


Noughty is a trailblazing brand that's all about shaking up the wine world with a healthier, eco-friendly twist. The brainchild of Amanda Thomson, this dynamic brand has carved out a niche for itself, crafting premium alcohol-free and low-alcohol wines that ooze sophistication and taste. 

All wines are created using only 100% organic grapes, avoids adding uncessary sugar, are certified halal and never use animal by products making them vegan.

NOUGHTY now sells to the world’s coolest bars, restaurants, hotels and spas across the world including The Ritz Carlton and The Soho House Group. 


Thomson and Scott was founded by CEO Amanda Thomson and is a B Corp certified winery. As a company, Thomson & Scott is leading the way in demanding that the wine industry becomes more transparent about both its labelling and what goes into the bottle.