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Our meticulously curated selection of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol spritz alternatives at Drydrinker brings you the essence of the iconic Aperol Spritz, without the alcohol. From renowned brands to innovative startups, our range is designed to satisfy all tastes, embracing the vibrant and refreshing spirit of the classic Italian aperitivo.

Experience the joy of a spritz in every sip, with options that capture the bitter-sweet, complex, and aromatic profile that makes the original so beloved. Whether it's for a sun-soaked afternoon or a celebratory toast, our non-alcoholic and low-alcohol spritz selections ensure you won't miss out on the fun.

Featuring choices like Pentire and Lyre's Italian Spritz, our collection invites you to discover and enjoy the rich tapestry of flavours that non-alcoholic spritzes have to offer. Dive into our offerings for a refreshing journey that marries tradition with innovation.

Embrace the Drydrinker experience today and raise your glass to vibrant flavours and mindful choices.


A spritz is a popular cocktail originating from Italy, traditionally made with a mix of prosecco, a bitter liqueur such as Aperol, and soda water. This effervescent drink is renowned for its refreshing qualities and is often enjoyed as an aperitif, symbolizing leisure and la dolce vita.


A non-alcoholic spritz offers the same invigorating and complex experience as its alcoholic counterpart but without the alcohol. It is crafted to emulate the distinctive bitter-sweet taste and sparkling sensation, providing an appealing option for those seeking the pleasure of a spritz with none of the alcohol. Ideal for social occasions or moments of relaxation, it allows everyone to enjoy the spritz tradition, regardless of their drinking preferences.