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Zeno, a trailblazing British brand, expertly crafts intoxicating yet alcohol-free libations that defy expectations.


Zeno wine are passionate about crafting prestige quality, alcohol liberated wines. They merge age-old winemaking secrets with modern ingenuity to create enchanting alcohol free wines that bewitch the senses. Zeno's collection, boasts celestial sparkling wines, alluring rosés, and transcendent reds and whites.


The name Zeno comes from the Cypriot trader ZENO (334-262 B.C.) who was shipwrecked off the coast of Greece. Here, he wandered into Athens - where he met the prominent thinker Socrates, who became his mentor and teacher.

Zeno was lauded for the 4 virtues which underpin the ZENO brand:

Moderation, Justice, Wisdom and Courage.