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Dive into the world of Big Drop Brewing, where non-alcoholic beer takes centre stage, bursting with flavour and character. 


Founded by Rob Fink and James Kindred, Big Drop was born out of a desire to create alcohol-free beers that refused to sacrifice taste and quality. Dedicated to making the finest 0.5% ABV beer, they’ve perfected techniques to make alcohol-free craft beer without the need for artificial removal of alcohol. Across its beers, it uses over 20 speciality grains and its wide-range mans there really is something for everybody.


The quality of Big Drop's beers doesn't just speak for itself, they have awards to prove just how good they are. 

Big Drop Galactic Milk Stout has won Gold at the 2023 World Alcohol-Free Awards, and Silver at the 2023 Australian International Beer Awards. 

Big Drop Poolside IPA won Silver in Best Non-Alcohol Beer at the 2023 Australian International Beer Awards

Just to name a few! So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!