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Scavi & Ray, an Italian brand steeped in elegance and charm, presents a delightful collection of alcohol-free wines and sparkling treasures that entice the senses.


Infused with the rich heritage of Italian winemaking, Scavi & Ray meticulously crafts each bottle, blending tradition with contemporary techniques. Their exquisite range transports you to the rolling vineyards of Italy. Scavi & Ray's alcohol-free offerings enchant both discerning wine lovers and health-conscious individuals seeking a taste of la dolce vita, without the alcohol.


It all started in 1963 with Joe Scavi and Carluccio Ray. Originally they both lived and worked in new York, running a flourishing advertising agency. However, this all changed on a trip to Italy together, where they discovered a vineyard in the region of Veneto in Treviso province and decided that this was where they would start their new company.

It was here that they pressed their first deliciously fresh and sparkling prosecco using late-ripening white Glera grapes. And so the SCAVI & RAY Winery was born.

Today it is an Italian premium brand and market leader in the prosecco segment. It embodies pleasure, elegance and the Italian attitude towards life. The company is stil connected with the fashion and show world, and can be found at European Fashion Weeks, high-level red carpet events, international VIP events and in the top German football stadiums.