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Collection: Lower Alcohol Wine


Lower alcohol wine, ranging from 5.5% to 9.5% ABV, is an excellent choice for people seeking a lighter drinking option. Perfect for those who want to enjoy the flavours and social aspects of wine without the higher alcohol content, lower alcohol wine provides a refreshing alternative and often contains less calories. Whether you're looking for a drink to have with a midweek evening meal or a wine that won't leave you feeling overly intoxicated, lower alcohol wine offers a satisfying choice for those seeking a balanced and enjoyable drinking experience.


Our expertly curated selection of lower alcohol wines features the best of the best, all hand-selected by our team of experts at Dry Drinker. From leading brands to smaller wineries, we have something for everyone. 

We have a range of lower alcohol wines to choose from including fresh rosés such as The Gentle Pink, rich reds such as Spier Shiraz and crisp whites such as The Doctor's Riesling, so you can be assured there is something for everyone.  

Enjoy your experience today and toast to moments of joy and choice.