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Step right up and discover the enchanting world of Adnams, an esteemed UK-based brewing  company that has been quenching the nation's thirst with delectable beers since 1872.


Adnams, hailing from the picturesque town of Southwold, Suffolk, stands as a pioneer in the world of brewing, with a legacy stretching back to 1872. Renowned for its commitment to tradition and sustainability, Adnams has mastered the art of crafting exceptional beers, including an impressive range of non-alcoholic options that refuse to compromise on flavour. With offerings like the Ghost Ship Alcohol-Free Ale, which mirrors the taste of its iconic counterpart, Adnams showcases its ability to blend centuries-old brewing techniques with innovative approaches. Ideal for the discerning drinker seeking quality without compromise, Adnams invites you on a journey through its selection of non-alcoholic beers, each a celebration of British brewing excellence designed for the modern palate.