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Embrace the essence of Cornwall's rugged coastline with Pentire, a pioneering range of botanical non-alcoholic spirits.

About Pentire

Born from a passion for active, outdoor living, each bottle of Pentire is a testament to the power of nature. Our carefully curated selection includes the refreshing 'Adrift' and the invigorating 'Seaward', among others, all crafted using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Perfect for the discerning drinker seeking a sophisticated, health-conscious alternative.

The Pentire Story

The Pentire story is deeply intertwined with the vision of its founder, Alistair Frost. Inspired by his love for the Cornish coast and its distinctive landscape, Frost embarked on a journey to capture its essence in a bottle. With a focus on local, sustainably sourced botanicals, Pentire reflects a commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and the celebration of nature. This innovative approach to non-alcoholic spirits not only highlights the unique flavours of the coast but also supports the wellbeing of both people and the planet.

Craftsmanship and Sustainability at Its Core

At Pentire, the commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability goes hand in hand. Working alongside botanists and distillers, we capture the unique flavours of coastal botanicals through meticulous distillation processes. The result? Spirits that not only taste good but do good, supporting both your wellbeing and the environment.