About Dry Drinker

Dry Drinker founder Stuart Elkington has great taste

Stuart Elkington, Founder of Drydrinker.

That’s why you can trust Dry Drinker to sell you only premium no and low alcohol free beers, wines and spirits.

Stuart is also committed to customer service. That’s why Dry Drinker is the UK’s most trusted alcohol-free store.

Over 8000 happy customers have given Dry Drinker a five star rating with Trusted Shops.

Industry Experience

He’s got more than 25 years experience working in the drinks industry. From UK brewery chains to fine wine merchants in Singapore, Stuart understands how the business works. He knows a complex, well-made, grown-up drink with a finish when he tastes one.

Trusted Palate

And since he stopped drinking alcohol, about 8 years ago, Stuart has tasted THOUSANDS of no and low alcohol free beers, wines and spirits to sell through Dry Drinker. His palate is known and trusted in the industry. Craft breweries ask his opinion on new alcohol free beers. Big brands let him know first when they’re making one of their favourites alcohol free.

Not a Numbers Game

Stuart’s turned down more drinks than he’s accepted. Ordinary drinks don’t make it to Dry Drinker. He doesn’t stock every no and low alcohol free beer from a range. He’ll just take the ones that really shine. Stuart curates the Dry Drinker beer boxes and wine selections to ensure you get a satisfying choice.

Passion for Taste and Choice

Stuart stopped drinking alcohol because he wanted to start a family and he knew booze – and the weight that came with it – was cutting his chances. (Stopping was a success for him, now a proud dad of two).

He knows his story is one of many that lead people to choose alcohol free, either some of the time or all of the time. Pregnant women, new mums, aspiring dads, the health conscious, the weight conscious, the medicine conscious.

One thing they’ve got in common: they’re taste conscious.

Stuart’s got a passion for filling that gap between ‘soft drinks’ and alcohol. It’s about offering choice, and introducing customers to a great new range of alcohol free drinks they can enjoy any time, for whatever reason. (But mainly because they taste great).

Dry Drinker Range: Beers and Ciders

It began with beer. While on holiday in Spain, Stuart discovered tasty alcohol free beer on tap and asked why the UK had such a dismal selection. His partner (now wife) Lynne dared him to give up his job and do something about it. He took up the challenge and Dry Drinker was born.

The DryDrinker Beer range now includes Best of British, Belgian, Ales, Dark Beers and Sours, Lagers, Fruit Beers, Pilsners, India Pale Ales, Stouts and Porters, Wheat Beers. And there’s a great choice for cider drinkers too.

There are beers that are low in sugar; gluten free; vegan friendly. And Zerohero beers for customers who want 0.0% ABV. (Zerohero is a name registered to Dry Drinker).

Dry Drinker also offers Pick Your Own Beer Boxes and Subscription Beer Boxes.

Dry Drinker Range: Wines, Spirits and Kombuchas

Dry Drinker has built a great range of premium:

Red, white and sparkling wines
Distilled spirits and mixers
Kombuchas (fermented tea)

Again, Stuart doesn’t get his head turned by the new; it’s the taste that counts.

Dry Drinker People

We are a small but committed team from the guys in the warehouse, Debbie on customer service, Tansha, who heads up our finance department, Chloe and Helen in Marketing and Tim our IT lead.  Everyone’s ready to get stuck in (including Stuart!).

Plastic-Free Packaging

Dry Drinker has developed a branded cardboard box that does away with the need for plastic fillers.

Flat Delivery Fee

The £4.99 flat delivery fee (UK mainland) stays the same, however much you order. And the minimum order is one bottle of wine or 6 bottles or cans of beer.

Dry Drinker is based in West London and sends no and low alcohol free drinks to customers across the UK and Europe.

Dry January Partner

Dry Drinker is the drinks partner of Dry January. Run by charity Alcohol Concern, Dry January is the UK’s one-month challenge that helps millions reset their relationship with alcohol every year. See Dry January