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Dive into the rich heritage of Yorkshire brewing with Ilkley Brewery, a beacon of craft beer nestled in the historic spa town of Ilkley. Re-established in 2009, Ilkley Brewery revives the town's brewing tradition, which dates back to 1873, by blending classic styles with innovative techniques. Their mission is clear: to craft world-class beers that stand out for their distinctive style, flavour, and character.


Ilkley Brewery is not just about crafting beer and non-alcoholic beer; it's about creating experiences. With a range of beers that capture the essence of Yorkshire, Ilkley Brewery showcases its dedication through the quality of their ingredients: pristine water from the Yorkshire Dales, the finest English malted barley, and a diverse selection of hops from around the globe. This commitment has earned them numerous awards and a place in the hearts of beer enthusiasts.