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The Top 8 Alcohol Free Bars in the UK - 2024

Are you aiming to cut down on alcohol or looking for a unique social experience? Perhaps you're just fed up of the hangxiety you feel after a night out with friends? Well, you're not alone; in fact, 1 in 3 UK drinkers now regularly choose low or no alcohol products. Lucky for you, the UK has got you covered with its growing range of alcohol-free bars. The growing success of alcohol free drinks (including beer, wine, cider, spirits and functional drinks) has led to the number of these bars growing over the past few years, offering fantastic spaces for socialising and having a good time, without the peer pressure of drinking that can be experienced at traditional bars. 

What is an Alcohol-Free Bar?

Simply put, an alcohol-free bar does not serve alcoholic beverages. Instead, it offers various non-alcoholic options like mocktails, non-alcoholic alternatives of your favourite traditional alcoholic drinks like rum, gin, beer and wine, juices, soft drinks, and coffee. Some even complement their drink menu with delicious food items.

Top 8 alcohol-free bars in the UK you must visit this year

1. Tørstigbar, Brighton

Brighton's Premier Low Alcohol Destination

Brighton has always been a hub for unique and innovative establishments, and Tørstigbar is no exception. Nestled in the heart of Kemptown at 45 George Street, this bar and bottle shop is making waves in the city's nightlife scene. But what sets Tørstigbar apart?

A Name with a Story

The name "Tørstig" isn't just a catchy moniker. It's a nod to the Danish word for "thirsty." This choice of name perfectly encapsulates the bar's mission: to quench the thirst of those seeking a different kind of drink.

Two people looking at each other drinking non-alcohollic drinks at Torstigbar alcohol free bar

Redefining Low Alcohol Beverages

Tørstigbar isn't just another bar. It's Brighton's pioneering low alcohol bar and bottle shop. While many establishments offer a token non-alcoholic option, Tørstigbar has dedicated itself to curating a selection of the world's finest low alcohol beverages. And they're strict about it too – you won't find any drink with an ABV of more than 0.5% here.

A Non-Alcoholic Bar For Every Occasion

Whether looking for a clear head for an early morning meeting, taking a night off from regular alcoholic drinks, or simply exploring new tastes, Tørstigbar has got you covered. Their range of beverages is not just an alternative; it's a celebration of taste and choice.

Non-alcoholic cocktail by Torstigbar being poured from a glass

Inclusivity at its Best

Beyond the drinks, Tørstigbar stands as a beacon of inclusivity; it's clear that everyone is welcome here. It's not just a bar; it's a safe space for all.

Visit Tørstigbar

If you're in Brighton, make sure to drop by. They're open from 17:00 - 23:00 from Tuesday to Friday and 13:00 - 23:00 on Saturdays. Sundays and Mondays are their off days, giving them time to restock and bring you even more exciting low alcohol options.

2. Coco Grill & Lounge, London

London's Non-Alcoholic Gem by Tower Bridge

There's a unique haven redefining London's nightlife in a city that never sleeps, where the Thames flows with stories and the Tower Bridge stands as a testament to time. Welcome to Coco Grill & Lounge, where the spirit of celebration isn't defined by alcohol but by the sheer joy of the experience.

A Revolution in Drinking

At the heart of Coco Grill & Lounge is the Redemption Bar, a pioneering concept that challenges the norms of traditional bars. Here, the focus shifts from alcohol to the artistry of beverages. Every drink is a crafted experience, a blend of flavours that tantalise the palate without the haze of alcohol. It's about savouring the moment, not the alcohol content.

Mediterranean Meets Mocktails

Imagine the zest of the Mediterranean, the tang of fresh citrus, and the sweetness of ripe fruits, all coming together in a symphony of non-alcoholic concoctions. Coco's Redemption Bar is not just about removing alcohol; it's about elevating every other ingredient to create a refreshing and memorable drink.

Inclusivity at Its Best

Coco Grill & Lounge understands that not everyone drinks alcohol and not every celebration requires it. Their extensive alcohol-free menu ensures that everyone feels included regardless of their drink choice. It's a space where conversations flow freely, laughter is contagious, and memories are made, all without the need for alcoholic spirits.

A New Kind of Celebration

The press and patrons alike are buzzing about this unique approach. Coco Grill & Lounge sets the bar (pun intended) for an alcohol-free party season. It's a place where the joy of the evening isn't measured in drinks but in the quality of the experience.

Coco Grill & Lounge is more than just a dining destination; it's a movement, a challenge to the status quo, and a celebration of the pure joy of being in the moment. If you're looking for a place where the drinks are as memorable as the views and where the spirit of celebration isn't confined to a glass, Coco Grill & Lounge awaits.

If you ever wander near Tower Bridge, let the aromas guide you to 34a Shad Thames. And who knows? Maybe you'll fall #InLoveWithCoCo.

3. Mr Fitzpatrick's Temperance Bar, Lancashire:

A Nostalgic Non-Alcoholic Oasis in Rawtenstall

In the bustling Lancashire town of Rawtenstall, a unique establishment has stood the test of time – Mr Fitzpatrick's Temperance Bar. Established in 1897, this bar offers a delightful journey into the past, celebrating the temperance movement's legacy.

A Historic Address - Visit Them

At 5 Bank St, Rawtenstall, Rossendale BB4 6QS, United Kingdom, Mr Fitzpatrick's is more than just a bar; it's a slice of history. As you enter its doors, you're transported to an era where non-alcoholic beverages were the show's stars.

A Symphony of Flavours

While its roots are historic, the offerings are anything but dated. Mr Fitzpatrick's boasts a vast selection of non-alcoholic beers, wines, and spirits. Each drink is a testament to the art of beverage crafting, ensuring that patrons don't miss the alcohol.

Hours of Nostalgia

For those looking to experience this nostalgic trip, Mr Fitzpatrick's welcomes visitors from 10 a.m. and closes its doors at 5 p.m. It's not just about the drinks; it's about reliving a time when the joy of gathering and socialising wasn't defined by alcoholic content.

In the Press and Beyond

The charm of Mr Fitzpatrick's Temperance Bar hasn't gone unnoticed. It's been described as "locally loved, regionally revered" and has even caught the attention of publications like The Guardian. Celebrities and locals alike have been spotted, adding to its allure.

Mr Fitzpatrick's Temperance Bar is more than just a beverage destination; it's a journey back in time. It's where history meets modern tastes, where stories are told one sip at a time. If you're ever in Rawtenstall, don't miss the chance to experience this timeless gem.

4. Yada Collective, Derby

A Fresh Take on Nightlife

In the heart of Derby, on the bustling Green Lane, stands a unique establishment redefining the city's nightlife – Yada Collective. This isn't just another bar; it's a celebration of connection, culture, and conversations without the influence of alcohol.

Location and Hours - Visit Them

Situated at 58 Green Lane, Derby DE1 1RP, United Kingdom, Yada Collective offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional bar scene. Whether you're looking to wind down after a long week or catch up with friends, Yada welcomes you from 12 to 4 p.m. every Thursday and from 5 p.m. on Friday evenings.

People sat around tables enjoying non-alcoholic drinks at Yada Bar

A New Kind of Bar Experience

Yada Collective prides itself on being an alcohol-free environment. But this doesn't mean a compromise on taste or experience. With a diverse menu of non-alcoholic beverages, patrons can enjoy the buzz of a bar without a hangover the next day.

More Than Just Alcohol Free Drinks

While focusing on providing a top-notch alcohol-free bar experience, Yada is also about genuine human interaction. It's a space where people come together, share stories, laugh, and create memories. The emphasis is on connection and community, making every visit memorable.

Yada Collective is not just a bar; it's a movement. It's about offering an alternative night scene in Derby that's inclusive and welcoming to all. If you're in Derby and looking for a fresh take on nightlife, Yada Collective promises an experience like no other.

5. Café Sobar, Nottingham

Nottingham's Premier Alcohol-Free Destination

Nestled in Nottingham's bustling city centre, Café Sobar is a beacon for those seeking a unique, alcohol-free social experience. It's not just a café; it's a revolution in how we perceive and enjoy our social outings.

A Refreshing Alternative to Other Bars

In a world where bars and pubs are synonymous with alcohol, Café Sobar offers a delightful twist. Here, the emphasis is on connection, culture, and enjoyment without the influence of alcohol. Patrons can savour a diverse menu of non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring that the essence of a 'night out' remains intact, minus the alcohol.

Interior of Cafe Sobar showing light open room with lots of seating and big bright windows

Events and Entertainment 

Beyond its beverages, Café Sobar is a hub of activity. The venue hosts various events, from live music and comedy performances to art exhibitions. Whether you're looking to enjoy a quiet evening or immerse yourself in Nottingham's local talent, Café Sobar promises a memorable experience.

Delicious Offerings 

Café Sobar takes pride in its menu, offering a range of delectable food and drink options. Their alcohol-free promise ensures that guests can indulge in flavorful beverages that tantalise the taste buds without the after-effects of alcohol.

A Social Enterprise with Heart 

While Café Sobar is primarily an alcohol-free bar, it's also a social enterprise. Profits from the café are reinvested into the local community, supporting various initiatives. Every visit to Café Sobar promises a great time and contributes to a greater cause.

Café Sobars Historical Roots 

The building housing Café Sobar is steeped in history. Originally the headquarters of the Nottingham Building Society opened in 1929, the venue now serves as a modern-day gathering spot while retaining much of its historical charm.

Join the Movement 

Café Sobar is more than just a venue; it's a movement towards redefining social outings. It invites everyone to experience the joy of socialising in a vibrant setting without the focus on alcohol.

6. Proudfoot & Co, Winchester

A Unique Non-Alcoholic Lounge in Winchester

Situated at 30 St.Thomas Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9AH, Proudfoot & Co. is a distinctive non-alcoholic drinks lounge that offers a fresh take on the traditional bar experience. Open Thursday to Sunday, it's the perfect place to unwind after work or meet with friends. 

A mocktail served at Proudfoot in a round glass with a straw

Sustainability and Authenticity 

Proudfoot & Co. is an experiment in sustainability, aiming to rebuild the food systems of the past. Their approach is rooted in authenticity, with recipes that use techniques and ingredients gleaned from a vast collection of historical recipes. The menu is crafted almost entirely from ingredients the team makes or forages themselves.

A Unique Non-Alcoholic Drinks Experience 

Proudfoot & Co. invites visitors to "taste the lost flavours of Britain" at their non-alcoholic drinks lounge. They offer a diverse range of beverages, ensuring that patrons can enjoy the essence of a refreshing drink without the influence of alcohol.

Products and Courses 

Beyond its drinks, Proudfoot & Co. offers one-of-a-kind sustainable native products made in-house. The venue also provides courses for those keen on learning about traditional food techniques and foraged ingredients. 

7. The Lucky Saint Pub, Marylebone

A Modern Take on Tradition in Marylebone

Nestled in the heart of Marylebone at 58 Devonshire Street, London, W1W 5EA, (open Monday to Saturday: 11am - 11pm), The Lucky Saint Pub stands as a testament to the evolving tastes of the modern drinker. It's not just a pub; it's a reimagined space that pays homage to London's rich pub culture while catering to the preferences of today's patrons.

A Mission-Driven Establishment 

Lucky Saint is more than just a name; it's an alcohol-free beer brand with a clear mission: to reward those who choose not to drink a beer that doesn't compromise on taste or experience. The pub is a lovingly restored historic London establishment, redesigned to cater to alcohol-free and alcoholic drink enthusiasts.

The exterior of The Lucky Saint pub

What's on Offer? 

While the highlight is undoubtedly their signature alcohol-free beer, The Lucky Saint Pub boasts a diverse menu of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. And if you're feeling peckish, they claim to serve the best Grilled Ploughman's you've ever tasted.

8. The Nest, Hastings

A Café Oasis in Hastings

In the heart of Hastings, where the sea's rhythm meets the town's hum, there lies a unique haven called The Nest. But this isn't just any place; it's a tapestry of tastes, sounds, and experiences woven together with care and creativity.

A Symphony of Flavours

Step into The Nest's café, and you're immediately embraced by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, a scent that promises comfort and warmth. But there's more. As you peruse the menu, you'll find an array of bites that dance between the familiar and the novel. Each item is a culinary note in a melody of flavours.

Beyond the Usual Brew

But what truly sets The Nest apart is its commitment to a different bar culture. Here, the clink of glasses isn't filled with the usual suspects of alcohol. Instead, The Nest celebrates the art of non-alcoholic beverages. From zesty mocktails that fizz with excitement to rich, velvety smoothies that tell tales of far-off lands, every drink is a journey.

A Canvas of Community

The walls of The Nest are more than just barriers; they're canvases. As you sip on your chosen brew, let your eyes wander. You'll find stories etched in every corner, from the artwork of young local talents to the soft glow of fairy lights that whisper secrets of past gatherings. 

It is designed to be a safe space for the community, and it's more than just a bar. Its a café, creative therapy centre and events space that supports and promote the young artists and creatives of Hastings.

A Space of Dreams and Conversations

The Nest isn't just about what's in the glass or the plate. It's about the conversations that flow, the dreams shared, and the connections made. In this café and bar, every chair, table, and nook is an invitation to dream, share, and be.

The Nest is more than a café or a bar. It's a dreamscape, a place where the heart of Hastings beats in harmony with the dreams of its visitors. It's where stories are brewed, not just beverages. Its a cafe, creative therapy space, events space, and bar, all in one! So, the next time you're in Hastings, let your footsteps lead you to The Nest. Who knows? You might find a piece of your own story waiting there.

Alcohol Free Bars - A New and Exciting Experience 

Whether you're looking to take a break from alcohol or explore some unique drink options, the UK's alcohol-free bars will surely provide you with unforgettable experiences. Cheers to fun-filled, alcohol-free nights!

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Alcohol Free Bar FAQs

What is a Temperance Bar? 

A Temperance Bar is an establishment that serves non-alcoholic beverages and is often associated with the temperance movement, which advocated for the reduction or complete abstention from alcoholic beverages, particularly in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Do you have to be T-Total to go to an alcohol free bar?

No, you do not have to be teetotal (completely abstaining from alcohol) to go to an alcohol-free bar. Alcohol-free bars cater to a wide range of customers, including those who choose not to drink alcohol for various reasons, as well as those who may still consume alcohol but want to enjoy non-alcoholic beverages on occasion. 

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