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Developing these non-alcoholic spirits so that they are world-beating is a wild ride, completely driven by taste - fun and exciting but not without challenge.


CleanCo are all about doing more with less. The company was founded by British TV personality and entrepreneur, Spencer Matthews, who, after drinking excessively in his 20's, decided to go t-total before the birth of his first child. It unlocked a dimension of his life that he was surprised by — becoming more focused, driven, creative and able. He hasn't looked back. 

CleanCo was created to give you a choice when mixing a drink, without compromising on taste or social experience. So you can enjoy the delicious, refreshing cocktails you know and love without the repercussions.


As well as hitting the flavours you’d expect from your favourite full-strength equivalents, these spirits are multi-award-winning thanks to the global taste developers who work hard to replicate the sensation and mouthfeel of alcohol.

Clean W and Clean R both won at the Great Taste Awards and Clean G and Clean G Rhubarb won Gold at the International Wine & Spirit Competition.