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Collection: Non-Alcoholic Vodka Alternatives


Our expertly curated selection of non alcoholic, low alcohol and alcohol free vodka alternatives features only the best top-quality options that mirror the essence of traditional vodka. From renowned brands to artisanal producers, we offer a diverse array tailored to various preferences.

From classic straight vodka to innovative flavour infusions, our non-alcoholic and low alcohol vodka selection offers the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Whether you're unwinding at home or raising a glass with friends, get the same satisfaction without the alcohol content.

Explore a range of alcohol-free vodka options, showcasing both well-established names and emerging distilleries. With products like Seedlip Garden 108, your journey through our collection promises delightful exploration.

Enjoy your experience today and toast to moments of joy and choice.


Vodka is a distilled alcoholic spirit renowned for its neutral and clean character. Made from various grains or potatoes, it is known for its versatility and use as a base in countless cocktails.


Non-alcoholic vodka, also referred to as alcohol-free vodka or vodka alternative, is a beverage crafted to capture the pure essence and taste of traditional vodka while containing negligible to no alcohol. It offers an option for individuals who enjoy the crispness of vodka but seek to avoid or minimise alcohol consumption.