Alcohol Awareness Week with Drydrinker

Alcohol Awareness Week with Drydrinker

It's that time of year again when we have the opportunity to support a cause that is very close to our hearts, Alcohol Awareness Week. It's a week to reflect on our drinking habits, spread awareness, and celebrate the wide world of non-alcoholic beverages. 

Welcoming non-alcoholic drinks opens a door of exciting flavours with intriguing complexities, fresh discoveries, and fantastic alternatives that could be your new favourite. Now let’s explore how choosing alcohol-free options doesn't mean sacrificing enjoyment. With the remarkable variety of non-alcoholic drinks available, your taste buds are in for a delightful experience.  


The Importance of Alcohol Awareness Week

 Alcohol Awareness week is to promote healthy relationships with alcohol, highlighting the benefits of reducing alcohol consumptions, and showcasing how non-alcoholic drinks can seamlessly fit into any lifestyle.

Drinking alcohol is often viewed as the norm, making it easy to overlook healthier alternatives. Alcohol Awareness Week offers an opportunity to reassess our habits, explore new options, and perhaps even find a new favorite drink that's just as enjoyable—minus the hangover!


Non-Alcoholic drinks: Your New Best Friend

Say goodbye to the days when non-alcoholic drinks were limited to boring sodas and bland juices. The alcohol-free beverage scene is now bursting with creativity and flavor, featuring everything from sophisticated mocktails to craft non-alcoholic beers and spirits. Here’s why these delightful drinks are your perfect companions during Alcohol Awareness Week and beyond: 

1. Health Benefits Galore

Let's face it, we all want to feel our best, and reducing alcohol intake can bring numerous health benefits. Non-alcoholic drinks allow you to enjoy social events without sacrificing your well-being. You’ll sleep better, have more energy, and steer clear of those annoying hangovers that can derail your plans for the next day.

2. Flavour and Fun

Non-alcoholic drinks are far from boring. Picture yourself enjoying a zesty alcohol-free gin and tonic, a refreshing mojito mocktail, or a rich, complex craft beer that rivals its alcoholic version. These beverages are crafted with the same care and creativity, offering a variety of flavor profiles from fruity and floral to bitter and bold. There's a non-alcoholic drink to delight every palate.

3. Socially Inclusive

Choosing not to drink alcohol shouldn't mean feeling left out at social gatherings. Non-alcoholic drinks are your ticket to being part of the fun without the pressure to consume alcohol. Whether you're the designated driver, pregnant, or simply choosing to cut back, these drinks ensure you're always included in the toast. Raise your glass high with confidence and enjoy the camaraderie.

4. Perfect for Any Occasion 

Hosting a party? Planning a picnic? Just taking the day off at home? Non-alcoholic drinks are perfect for any occasion. Impress your guests with a stunning alcohol-free cocktail, enjoy a sophisticated drink with dinner, or unwind with a cold beer after a long day. The versatility of non-alcoholic beverages means they can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.


Our Alcohol Free Picks for Alcohol Awareness Week

Let's explore some of our top picks that will make Alcohol Awareness Week an extra special week. 

1. Bemuse Calluna Brut - Non Alcoholic Honey Wine

This effervescent honey wine is a unique, naturally fermented sparkling blend. Crafted with fragrant raw heather honey from the Scottish moorlands, it features an intriguing mix of tarragon, Thai basil, and Cascade hops. This exclusive honey wine offers a refined and aromatic experience

2. Pentire Seaward - Botanical Non Alcoholic Spirit

This drink offers a taste experience that is both invigorating and serene. Featuring rock samphire, sea buckthorn, and sea rose—hand-harvested to ensure sustainability and capture their natural essence—this blend is truly special. These botanicals are beautifully complemented by notes of grapefruit, eucalyptus, and green tea, creating a harmonious, refreshing, and layered flavor profile.

3. Real Sparkling Tea Royal Flush

This exquisite loose-leaf tea delivers a unique flavor profile with hints of rhubarb, white peach, and blackcurrant, reminiscent of a fruity white wine like Chardonnay. This refined and delightful non-alcoholic sparkling tea offers diverse food pairings and serves as a sophisticated alternative for those seeking a premium beverage without alcohol.

4. Maison Sassy Cider 0.0 - Alcohol Free Cider

Meticulously crafted with five varieties of organic apples from Normandy, this cidre delivers a crisp and clean taste, ideal for those wanting the cider experience without the alcohol. Perfect for any occasion, especially during warm weather gatherings or as a sophisticated non-alcoholic option for dinner parties.

5. Botivo Non Alcoholic Aperitif 

Its all-natural, additive-free composition ensures you're savoring the purest botanical expressions. With Botivo, you're embracing a lifestyle that values quality, authenticity, and the joy of discovery. This artisanal blend features the vibrancy of five handpicked botanicals—rosemary, thyme, gentian, wormwood, and orange zest—infused into a rich apple cider vinegar base, aged to perfection, and lightly sweetened with a touch of honey.

Lower Alcohol Options 

 Discover only just a few of our lower alcohol options to enjoy during Alcohol Awareness Week.

1. Small Beer


This low-calorie beer, with only 96 kcal per can, is perfect for everyday enjoyment. It features tropical fruit aromas, juicy flavors, and a refreshing citrus taste with hints of apricot and peach. A balanced malt backbone adds smoothness, making it easy to drink. Small beer offers not only the Pale Ale but a lager, Hazy IPA, Organic IPA, and a stout.

2. McGuigan Mid Sauvignon - Lower Alcohol Wine 7.0% ABV

McGuigan Mid Sauvignon Blanc combines the classic flavors of Sauvignon Blanc with a lower alcohol content. Perfect for a sunny picnic or as a light aperitif, it offers a delicious, guilt-free enjoyment.

3. Shandy Shack


With only 94 calories per 330ml can and an ABV of under 2.8%, Shandy Shack is both light and refreshing. It's vegan-friendly and gluten-free, catering to various dietary preferences. Perfect for cozy evenings, it offers a unique twist on the classic shandy.

Finding Joy in Every Sip

As we dive into Alcohol Awareness Week, let’s raise our glasses to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Non-alcoholic drinks are your perfect partners on this journey, offering all the flavor and fun without the downsides of alcohol. Whether you’re sampling new flavors, hosting a mocktail party, or enjoying a quiet night at home, these beverages ensure you never miss out on the joy of drinking responsibly.

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