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Days Brewing, an innovative and modern brewery, was founded by a pair of passionate and forward-thinking entrepreneurs who sought to revolutionise the world of non-alcoholic beverages. As health-conscious individuals, they recognised a growing demand for high-quality, alcohol-free drinks that didn't compromise on taste or enjoyment.


Days Brewing, hailing from Scotland, crafts 0.0% alcohol beers, utilising a unique brewing process that retains flavour without alcohol generation. Rooted in Scotland's rich brewing tradition, they utilise local ingredients, embodying a modern approach to enjoying beer without alcohol's adverse effects. Besides brewing, Days holds a strong ethical stance, dedicating 2% of sales to mental health initiatives under the 'Days Duty' initiative. They are also a B-Corp certified company, reflecting their commitment to high social and environmental standards, and have partnered with the Wave Project in 2022, supporting mental health initiatives through surf mentorship programmes.


The quality of Days' beers doesn't just speak for itself, they have awards to prove just how good they are.

Days Alcohol Free Lager won Gold at the World Alcohol Free Awards 2023.

Days Alcohol Free Pale Ale was voted as the best non-alcoholic pale ale in the UK by The Telegraph and in 2023 won gold at the World Alcohol Free Awards.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!