The Essence of Festival Drinks

The Essence of Festival Drinks

As summer is ever so slowly creeping around the corner, festival season has finally arrived! It's a time we've all be waiting for. You may be familiar with the festival festivities and drinking going hand and hand while indulging the vibrant music. What about experiencing a festival without the fizz?

Here is our guide to non-alcoholic festival drinks that will elevate your experience. We'll be listing the products by groups (i.e. wine, spirits, mocktails, kombucha, beer) and providing you what we think are perfect options for the festival occasions.


The Joy of Festivals and Alcohol-Free Sips

Festivals are the heartbeat of summer, a vibrant celebration that brings people together immersed in the music and culture. There is something magical about these gatherings. But let's talk about a growing trend that's making waves at festivals: non-alcoholic drinks.

One of the beauties of non-alcoholic drinks is their inclusivity. They offer everyone, regardless of age or lifestyle choices, the chance to indulge in the festival spirit. For the designated drivers, the health-conscious, or those who simply prefer not to drink alcohol, these beverages provide a perfect alternative without compromising on taste or experience.

For instance, a zesty non-alcoholic mojito. With its burst of lime and mint, it’s a festival in a can, capturing the essence of summer with every sip. Or consider a rich, alcohol-free craft beer, which offers the complex flavours and satisfying bitterness of a traditional brew, without the hangover. 

The world of non-alcoholic beverages is as diverse and exciting as the festivals themselves. From sophisticated mocktails to non-alcoholic beers and elegant alcohol-free wines, there’s a refreshing drink for every festival-goer. The days when soda or water were your only alcohol-free options are long gone.

A Wine Wonderer



Experience the vibrant flavours of our wine with zesty citrus and crisp green bell pepper notes, all rounded off with a refreshing mineral undertone. It finishes with a long, refreshing taste, where hints of grapefruit and fresh herbs linger, inviting you to take another sip.

A blend of aromatic grapes delivers a refreshing taste with notes of citrus, pear, and a hint of floral. The wine has a crisp acidity with flavours of lemon, pear, and subtle minerality. It features a light to medium body with a silky texture.

Designed for those who want the elegance of fine wine without alcohol. This light, refreshing wine has summer fruit flavours and subtle floral aromas. The party wine box is easy to serve and keeps the wine fresh longer, ideal for events or casual enjoyment over several days.


The Spirit Saga




Each flavour is crafted for a satisfying experience, infused with premium broad-spectrum CBD and enriched with natural extracts like chamomile and lemon balm. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or finding calm in a busy schedule, this mixed case of Trip CBD drinks offers a path to serenity.

Created for those seeking a sophisticated, alcohol-free drink without compromising on taste or quality. Enjoy a taste of Cornwall's wild coast, inviting a mindful approach to drinking, where quality, sustainability, and flavour come first.

A convenient and ready-to-enjoy option for any time of day, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or looking for a refined non-alcoholic drink. Perfect for outdoor adventures, sunset gatherings, or as a delightful addition to a meal. With zero alcohol, it offers a guilt-free way to enjoy complex, adult flavours without compromise


A Velvety Twisst 



If you love cream liqueur, this non-alcoholic alternative is a fantastic substitute with a familiar taste. This indulgent drink is a must-try for a luxurious, alcohol-free option. Leaves a creamy finish with a hint of cocoa, inviting you to take another sip and savour the experience.

Whether you're a designated driver, avoiding alcohol, or just want a guilt-free treat, the Twisst Mojito Non-Alcoholic Cocktail is a great choice. It features zesty lime and soothing mint, creating a refreshing and enjoyable drink that's alcohol-free but full of classic flavours.

Made with the finest ingredients, this drink blends sweet pineapple and creamy coconut for a slightly tangy taste. Perfect for a beach party, a quiet evening, or a delicious non-alcoholic option, this ready-to-drink cocktail won't disappoint.


A Fizzy Fusion



A lively, refreshing medley of green apple and floral notes. Its light body offers a sense of sophistication and pairs perfectly with lightly dressed white fish. 

This whiskey complements both sweet and savoury flavours. Its smoky notes blend well with smoked salmon and can be enjoyed on the rocks or in a malt-style mocktail.


The Liquid Gold



A bold, juicy mix of ripe mango, pineapple, and passion fruit, with zesty grapefruit, tangerine, and lemon peel. Subtle pine and soft malt balance the hops. Lively carbonation and moderate bitterness invite another sip.

Packed with tropical fruits, sharp citrus, and a subtle, refreshing bitterness, this non-alcoholic IPA leaves you craving more. Brewed with love and innovation, it's perfect for those seeking the extraordinary. The crisp, clean finish with lingering hop bitterness and zesty yuzu notes invites another sip.

This drink entices with aromas of citrus, tropical fruits, and subtle pine. Enjoy flavours of grapefruit, lemon zest, and juicy tropical fruits. It has a light to medium body, a smooth, crisp mouthfeel, and moderate carbonation for easy drinking.

A masterclass in balancing bitter and sweet, tropical and woodsy flavours. This Alcohol-Free IPA, a Joker with a serious commitment to taste, a true game-changer.

You'll taste juicy pineapple flavors front and center, with zesty citrus notes, a hint of pine, and a balanced bitterness. The finish is crisp and refreshing, making this non-alcoholic IPA perfect for any occasion, whether it's a social gathering or a quiet evening at home.

This unique brew combines the indulgence of ice cream with the refreshing zest of sour ales. It's perfect for moments when you want something sweet yet sophisticated, capturing the essence of a carefree summer day. The Verde Ice Cream Sour isn't just a drink; it's an experience, transporting you to an Italian gelateria with every sip.


Crucial Curations: The Essential Collections


The Best of British Mixed Craft Beer Box showcases passion, quality ingredients, and brewing tradition. Perfect for those wanting depth of flavour without alcohol, this collection suits both seasoned beer lovers and newcomers. Discover your next favorite low-alcohol British craft beer.

Perfect for lively parties, sizzling barbecues, and spirited garden get-togethers, this collection features four of our favorite IPAs. Enjoy a refreshing, low-alcohol drinking experience that doesn't compromise on taste or quality. Get ready to quench your thirst and unleash your party spirit.

The perfect companion for your lively parties, sunny BBQs, and outdoor events. This excellent selection features four of our best alcohol-free lagers, ensuring you and your guests can enjoy the festivities without compromising on taste or quality. Whether it’s a spontaneous get-together or a planned fun-filled evening, our carefully curated mixed lager case will be the highlight of the event.


Elevate the Next Festival with Non-Alcoholic Drinks

So, the next time you find yourself at a festival, don’t hesitate to explore the exciting world of non-alcoholic drinks. They’re not just alternatives; they’re an integral part of the festival experience, adding a new dimension of enjoyment and inclusivity.

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