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Ultimate Non-Alcoholic Scottish Beer Box

Ultimate Non-Alcoholic Scottish Beer Box

0.5% ABV | Various

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Presenting the Ultimate Scottish Beer Box, a carefully curated selection that showcases the finest non-alcoholic brews Scotland has to offer. Every beer in this box is a testament to Scottish craftsmanship, blending time-honoured brewing techniques with innovative approaches to create alcohol-free delights that don't compromise on taste.

The box is an exploration of diverse flavours, from the crispness of lagers to the richness of stouts and the zestiness of IPAs. It's a journey that brings together the iconic notes of classic Scottish brews with the nuanced undertones of modern, alcohol-free brewing.

  • Jump Ship Yardarm - Non Alcoholic Lager: A crisp and refreshing lager that's perfect for those moments of relaxation.
  • Jump Ship Stoker's Stout - Non Alcoholic Stout: Dive into the deep and roasty flavours, a stout lover's dream.
  • Jump Ship Jackstaff IPA - Non Alcoholic IPA: A vibrant IPA that balances bitterness with aromatic hops.
  • Jump Ship Flying Colours Pale Ale - Non Alcoholic IPA: A pale ale that stands out with its vivid flavours and aromatic hops.
  • Brewdog Hazy Jane AF IPA - Alcohol Free Beer: Dive into a haze of fruity aromas and a smooth texture that's unforgettable.
  • Williams Bro Joker: Gaze upon its yellow hue with a light haze reminiscent of a summer's day. Let the aroma whisk you away to tropical paradises, complemented by notes of cedar, caramel, and a citrusy zing.
  • Williams Bros Alien Form - Non Alcoholic Fruity IPA: Step into a world of fruity flavours complemented by the distinctiveness of IPA bitterness.

Each beer in the Ultimate Scottish Beer Box offers a unique tasting experience, making it a perfect gift for enthusiasts or a splendid treat for oneself. Dive into the heart of Scottish brewing with this unparalleled selection.

Curious to explore our range? You don't have to settle for just one. At DryDrinker, we offer 'Pick Your Own' mixed cases. Handpick a selection of different products to discover your new favourites without getting too much of one kind.

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Tasting notes

Ultimate Non-Alcoholic Scottish Beer Box Tasting Notes:

  • Overall Appearance: From the deep, inky black of the Stoker's Stout to the clear, radiant gold of the Yardarm Lager, this collection offers a spectrum of mesmerizing hues, each crowned with frothy heads that range from pristine white to rich tan.
  • Aroma: As you lean in, let your senses be captivated by the aromatic tapestry woven by these brews. The malty sweetness of the lagers mingles with the roasted depths of the stout, while the various IPAs interject with fruity, floral, and hoppy high notes. The sour and the rhubarb & ginger pale ale introduce a tangy zestiness, punctuated by fresh, spicy undertones.
  • Taste: The palate is treated to an orchestra of flavours. The lagers are crisp and refreshing, the stouts are rich and robust, and the IPAs deliver a symphony of hop profiles, from the tropical fruitiness of Alien Form to the sharp bitterness of the Hazy Jane AF IPA. The sours and specialty ales provide delightful detours, introducing tartness, fruitiness, and unexpected spice profiles into the mix.
  • Finish: Each brew leaves its unique signature on the finish. While the lagers conclude with a clean, malty aftertaste, the stouts linger with a comforting roastiness. The IPAs often leave a hop-forward trail, and the more adventurous ales, like the Chuckleberry Sour and Rhubarb & Ginger Pale Ale, end with a playful, tangy zest.

Together, the Ultimate Scottish Beer Box is more than just a collection of non-alcoholic beers; it's an invitation to experience the diverse landscapes, traditions, and innovative spirit of Scottish brewing in every sip.

Food Pairings

Ultimate Non-Alcoholic Scottish Beer Box Serving Suggestions:

  • Lagers: These beers typically exhibit a clean and crisp profile with subtle malt undertones. They pair beautifully with light foods. Think grilled chicken, seafood salads, or mildly spiced dishes that won't overpower the beer's delicate nuances.
  • Stouts: The deep, roasted notes of non-alcoholic stouts mesh well with hearty dishes. Imagine a rich beef stew or dark chocolate desserts. The toasty undertones in the stout can complement the char on grilled meats and elevate the cocoa flavors in desserts.
  • Sours: With their tart and often fruity profiles, sours can be a chef's best friend. They pair wonderfully with tangy goat cheese, light salads with vinaigrette dressings, and even spicy dishes where the beer's acidity can cut through the heat.
  • IPAs: The hop-forward nature of IPAs, combined with their often fruity and piney notes, makes them ideal for pairing with spicy foods like Indian or Thai curries. They also complement the fatty richness of dishes like pulled pork or grilled sausages. Furthermore, the bitterness of IPAs can balance out the sweetness in dishes like barbecue ribs or glazed duck.
  • Pale Ales: These are versatile in pairings due to their balanced malt and hop profiles. They're great with burgers, pizzas, and even creamy dishes where the carbonation and mild bitterness can cut through the richness.
  • Fruity IPAs: Their tropical and juicy flavors play well with light summer dishes. Grilled fish, tropical fruit salads, and light pastas with citrusy dressings can complement the beer's inherent fruity notes.

When pairing these non-alcoholic brews with food, remember it's all about balance. The beer and the dish should complement, not overshadow, each other, creating a harmonious dining experience.

Serving Suggestions

Ultimate Non-Alcoholic Scottish Beer Box Serving Suggestions:

  • Lagers: Best served cold, around 4-6°C. Lagers benefit from being poured into a tall, straight glass which allows the carbonation to manifest beautifully and the aromas to concentrate at the top. This is perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day or accompanying a meal.
  • Stouts: These should be served slightly warmer, between 8-12°C, which will allow the complex, roasted malt characteristics to fully emerge. Pouring into a wide-rimmed glass can amplify its deep aroma, making it ideal for relaxed, slow sipping on cooler evenings.
  • Sours: Serve chilled at temperatures ranging from 6-8°C. Using a tulip-shaped glass can enhance the beer's tart aroma and also provide a delightful visual of its vibrant hue. Its refreshing tartness makes sours great for summer afternoons.
  • IPAs: Best enjoyed at slightly cooler temperatures, around 7-10°C. Pouring into a glass with a wider rim can help in capturing the aromatic hop profile. Given their robust flavours, IPAs are perfect for lively discussions or enjoying with a hearty meal.
  • Pale Ales: Ideal serving temperatures are between 8-10°C. A universal glass or a pint glass can help to accentuate both its malt and hop characteristics. Pale Ales are great companions for casual gatherings and barbecues.
  • Fruity IPAs: Serve these at a cool 7-9°C to preserve the fresh fruit notes. Opting for a glass with a slight taper at the top can intensify the fruity aromatics. Enjoy these alongside light snacks or on their own as refreshing interludes during warm weather.

Regardless of the specific beer type, always ensure your glass is clean and free from detergent residues. This ensures a pristine tasting experience without any interference. Moreover, when pouring, tilt the glass at a 45-degree angle, aiming for a gentle pour down the side, and straighten as you fill to achieve the perfect head.

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