Perfect Non-Alcoholic BBQ Drinks Pairings

Perfect Non-Alcoholic BBQ Drinks Pairings

As the sunlight dances into longer evenings and the first rays of hazy warmth soak our souls, we cannot wait for BBQ season to begin! You may be familiar with the classic sunshine cocktails and juicy, fruit-filled jugs of Pimms - but what about non-alcoholic alternatives? 

Here is our spring guide to non-alcoholic BBQ drinks that will uplift your experience. We also list the perfect pairings for grilled, sizzled, seared, and salted steaks, meat and seafood, plus delicious vegan and vegetarian options. 

The Art of Pairing Non-Alcoholic Drinks with BBQ Foods

When it comes to firing up the grill, pairing non-alcoholic drinks with BBQ foods is an art; it can turn a feel-good BBQ into a mouthwatering experience. You may be tempted to simply crack open a can of non-alcoholic pale ale, but have you considered tastes that will complement and amplify your grilled delights? 

Think rich, velvety alcohol-free red wines with medium-rare steaks, delicate sparkling teas to complement lightly grilled white fish, and full-bodied craft beers to amplify the bold and smoky flavours of the best British burgers. 

So, let’s explore the best BBQ non-alcoholic drink ideas.

What Non-Alcoholic Drink Goes with BBQ Foods?

Non-alcoholic drinks for BBQs can enhance smoky, bold flavours and add depth to your flame-fired feast. Tangy, refreshing pale ales can add a touch of acidity that perfectly cuts through the richness of BBQ meats with the surprise of a citrus burst. Alcohol-free malt whiskey can masterfully blend with tinfoil-wrapped smoked salmon, and botanical spirits can be a refreshing accompaniment alongside fresh summer salads. 

So, let’s take a look at each food option and explore the perfect BBQ drinks!


Non-Alcoholic Drink Pairing with Chicken

Whether chicken breasts, thighs or succulent strips, a crisp and refreshing non-alcoholic white wine can compliment this classic BBQ option. When it comes to spicy, seasoned chicken wings, a zesty low-alcohol lager can really make a winning chicken dish. Here are our favourite white wine and low-alcohol lager alternatives. 

A remarkable alcohol-free white wine with a golden hue and ripe orchard aromas. With a light touch of green apple, juicy pear and oak-infused flavours, this dry white wine hits the spot and is the perfect pairing for a grilled chicken breast. 

This vibrant white wine springs to life with enticing passionfruit and lime aromas. Its invigorating acidity and crisp, clean tone make it the perfect pairing for succulent chicken strips.

A clean, satisfying lager with a sweet maltiness and lively citrus zest. Its thirst-quenching dryness will transport you to hazy sunny days, and the zesty body is the perfect kick alongside spicy chicken wings. 


Non-Alcoholic Drink Pairing with Beef Burgers & Steaks

Medium-rare, salted steaks can be perfectly paired with rich low-alcohol red wines, as well as satisfying stouts and porters. When it comes to burgers, hop-filled wheat beers can complement your juicy, jam-packed burger bun. Here are the best non-alcoholic drinks for BBQ burgers and steaks. 

A rich red wine laced with depth and complexity, it is a medley of dark fruit flavours woven with hints of chocolate, pepper, and subtle oak. This is a luxurious choice to sip alongside a seared and salted steak. 

This dark and rich stout has a deep brown hue with a creamy tan-coloured head. It is a full-bodied blend with notes of dark chocolate, ripe fruits and coffee. Its slight bitterness and roasted malt finish will add intensity to your steaks and high-quality red meats. 

A well-balanced, medium-bodied beer with soft wheat flavours and a hint of spiced clove, it has a hazy, golden-orange hue and a frothy white head. It’s the perfect beer to wash down a dirty burger under the summer sun. 


Non-Alcoholic Drink Pairing with Sausages

A light lager or refreshing Pilsner can work well alongside sausages. However, if you are not a fan of beer, a classic non-alcoholic white wine will also hit the spot. Flavoured sausages such as pork and apple may also be paired with fresh fruit tones in non-alcoholic cider. Here are our top recommendations when choosing non-alcoholic drinks for your BBQ.

This charming pilsner is laced with subtle maltiness and a slight bitterness. A sweet honey aroma welcomes balance between the senses, and its striking gold hue resembles the first rays of summer. Pair with your favourite pork sausage, and make a hot dog to remember as you sit back, relax and enjoy.

A gentle white wine with an enticing fruity and floral aroma; think rosy peaches, ripe apricots and a subtle hint of zest. Its well-balanced acidity brings a sharp yet welcome freshness when enjoying the flavours of juicy, grilled pork.

This toffee apple cider is a real BBQ treat for those who enjoy the sweeter things in life. Its light sparkle is met with a juicy palette of fresh apples, caramelised toffee and a hint of cinnamon. Drink alongside delicious pork and apple sausages and indulge in this mouth-watering sweet and savoury combination.


Non-Alcoholic Drink Pairing with Grilled Fish & Seafood

A dry white wine with hints of lemon is often paired with white fish. Alcohol-free malt whiskey pairs well with smoked salmon, and a prosecco or sparkling wine can compliment the delicacy of prawns. Here are our top BBQ drinks to pair with grilled fish and seafood.

A lively, refreshing medley of green apple and floral notes. Its light body offers a sense of sophistication and pairs perfectly with lightly dressed white fish. 

This whiskey complements both sweet and savoury flavours. Its smoky notes blend well with smoked salmon and can be enjoyed on the rocks or in a malt-style mocktail. 

An effervescent symphony of floral tones, crisp apples and hints of pear and white peach. This lightly sparkling wine is the perfect choice to elevate the delicate flavours of pink prawns and char-grilled squid. 


Non-Alcoholic Drink Pairing with Summer Salads

A zingy, tart white wine can work wonders when paired with a vinaigrette-dressed salad, as the vinegar brings fruity flavours to the forefront. A light, sparkling cider can also complement an apple-vinegar-style salad, and surprisingly, malt whiskey can work well alongside buffalo mozzarella and Moroccan-style salads. Here are our favourite summer salad drink suggestions.

A vivacious blend of grapes, lemons and elderflower, with a dash of pink grapefruit. A joyful white that works wonders alongside fresh rocket leaves and vinaigrettes. 

A golden, amber cider with subtle hits of oak and a delicious earthy taste. The fine carbonation adds a refreshing texture, complimenting apple-cider vinegar tastes and offering a smooth, well-rounded finish.

A flavourful non-alcoholic alternative that offers warmth, sweetness and subtle oak undertones. Add a splash of fresh apple, ripe figs and gentle spices, and you’ve got yourself a winning whiskey, a beautiful complement to Moroccan-style salads. 


Non-Alcoholic Drink Pairing with Vegetarian/Vegan Options

An uplifting functional beer can elevate seasoned grilled tofu and halloumi, and a barrel-aged Chardonnay can complement grilled mushroom-based burgers. Tropical-flavoured kombucha can also be combined with vegetable skewers to create a party for the tastebuds! Here are three of our top favourite BBQ drinks to pair with veggie/vegan options. 

A carefully curated blend of botanicals featuring ginseng, maca, liquorice and pepper, each known to revitalise and energise the body. Sip alongside seasoned tofu and enjoy the elevation of a natural, plant-based high.

A beautiful bouquet of white peach and nectarine with undertones of sweet vanilla and earthy oak. This full-bodied wine offers an unmatched depth of flavour and balances fungi flavours to perfection.

A super fruity, tangy pineapple juice-infused concoction topped with refreshing mint, this lively soda will have your tastebuds tingling and your veggie skewers singing. 


Non-Alcoholic Drink Pairing with BBQ Ribs

Amber-coloured non-alcoholic IPAs add a smoky, sun-drenched taste to the sauciness of BBQ ribs. The sweetness of low-alcohol rosé wine can also complement pulled pork and BBQ sauce, as can low-alcohol ales, dark beers, and blondes. Here are our top three drinks to enjoy with BBQ-sauce flavours. 

This hazy, golden amber IPA has aromas of floral hops against a malty backdrop. Smooth and medium-bodied, it is deeply satisfying and pairs well with smoky BBQ ribs.

This vibrant wine is bursting with strawberries, raspberries, and a delightful pink hue. Its gentle sweetness sings its strength and complements a sticky, delicious BBQ sauce. 

This exceptional amber ale is brewed with the finest malt and hops. It delivers a smooth, balanced profile with caramel tones and a gentle biscuit base. Pair with pulled pork or sticky BBQ ribs and experience ultimate satisfaction. 


Elevate Your BBQ with Non-Alcoholic Pairings

So, there you have it—the perfect non-alcoholic BBQ drink pairings to impress your guests at your next garden gathering! Next time you fire up the grill, don't forget to stock up on these delightful non-alcoholic pairings to elevate your BBQ to a whole new level. You may also want to check out our exclusive summer collection, featuring coastal spritz cans, non-alcoholic aperitifs and Italian sparkling white wine. 

Did any of these pairings surprise you or take your fancy?

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