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Big Drop's mission is to brew the world’s best AF beer - beer so good, you won’t miss the alcohol – in a world where it can be enjoyed as easily, readily and unashamedly as any full-strength equivalent. When Big Drop's Co-Founders, James Kindred and Rob Fink first met Head Brewer, Johnny Clayton in 2016, they said “We want to make great alcohol-free craft beer”, his immediate response was “No, you want to make great beer that happens to be alcohol-free”. That’s driven everything they’ve done since.

To brew craft beer naturally, without needing to artificially extract alcohol, Big Drop pioneered a cutting-edge brew-to-strength process called Reduced Amylase Brewing. Perfecting ways to brew naturally under 0.5% ABV (the upper limit of being ‘alcohol-free’), Big Drop has vastly improved the beer's aroma, flavour, and mouthfeel - effectively creating a new drinks category that has introduced an audience of consumers to full-flavoured, lower-alcohol craft beer. Big Drop has won over 85 international beer awards including a record seven times ‘World’s Best’ at the World Beer Awards – more than any other UK brewer.