Below Brew Co. Alcohol Free Beers (Formerly Lowtide Brewing Co.)

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Collection: Below Brew Co. Alcohol Free Beers (Formerly Lowtide Brewing Co.)

Combining stellar can artwork, a sense of crafty defiance and deliciously different alcohol free beer,  Below Brew Co. (who were previously Lowtide Brewing Co.) seeks to bring true craft beer to the world of alcohol free.

About Below Brew Co. 

Once upon a time, in the balmy summer of 2019, two intrepid beer enthusiasts named Rob and Dave embarked on an unforgettable journey. They sought the Holy Grail of alcohol-free craft beers, a mythical brew that would tantalise the taste buds of even the most discerning drinkers. 

Their journey initially began with an alcohol free beer shop, named Crafty AF, but they couldn't shake the feeling that the world was being shortchanged, that there wasn’t a brewery that emanated truly craft alcohol free beer, and so many beer types were still unexplored. So Below Brew Co. was born. The aim is simple - create unique beers, with unique artwork and incredible flavour.