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Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free Pale Ale

Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free Pale Ale

0.5% ABV | 500ml Bottles

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115 calories per bottle Vegan

Introducing Ghost Ship Alcohol-Free, the phantom of pale ales! Boasting the same robust flavours and enticing aromas as its 4.5% ABV counterpart, this spectral brew delivers 100% of the taste with a mere 0.5% ABV – a bewitching experience!

Any ale enthusiast will be captivated by this extraordinary beverage, which must be tasted to be truly appreciated.

The innovative brewing process employs reverse osmosis, the most effective method for crafting low-alcohol beers. By brewing and fermenting as usual, they can extract the alcohol at cold temperatures while preserving the other essential flavours born during fermentation. This state-of-the-art sorcery enables Ghost Ship to set sail free from alcohol yet remains rich with its authentic flavours and aromas.

Low in sugar

In accordance with government guidelines, low sugar signifies that the drink contains less than 2.5g of sugar per 100ml. Drinks with higher sugar content can lead to an insulin spike, resulting in our bodies storing more carbs as fat. Although lower in sugar, you might notice some carbs present – these typically include more complex forms like starches and fibre, which our bodies utilise for energy.

Vegan Friendly

This drink contains no animal products or by-products whatsoever.

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Tasting notes

Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free Pale Ale Tasting Notes:

  • Appearance: Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free boasts a luminous golden hue that captures the light, topped with a frothy, white head, evoking the spectral mists of the sea.
  • Aroma: The aroma beckons with a ghostly whisper of citrus and pine, intertwined with the subtle sweetness of malt, as if carrying secrets from beyond the veil.
  • Taste: The first sip reveals a treasure trove of flavour - zesty lemon and grapefruit, followed by a wave of hoppy bitterness reminiscent of its full-strength predecessor. The balance is supernatural, with the malt providing a solid grounding to the ethereal hoppy notes.
  • Mouthfeel: Despite its phantom alcohol content, the body is surprisingly full, with a carbonation that tingles on the tongue, promising refreshment and mystery in equal measure.
  • Finish: The finish is crisp and hauntingly dry, leaving a lingering echo of hops that invites the brave to delve deeper into the ghostly depths of flavour.

Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free Pale Ale is a spectral vision of the popular Ghost Ship Pale Ale, offering all the taste and adventure of the original brew without the alcohol. It's a brew that sails the high seas of flavour, making it perfect for those looking to explore the unknown territories of non-alcoholic beers. Whether you're navigating the foggy shores of sobriety or simply seeking a lighter vessel, Ghost Ship Alcohol Free is your beacon in the night.

Serving Suggestions

Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol-Free Pale Ale Serving Suggestions:

  • Temperature: For the best flavor, serve Adnams Ghost Ship chilled between 6-8°C (43-46°F). This temperature range maximizes the ale's refreshing qualities and enhances its crisp, hoppy profile.
  • Glassware: Opt for a pint glass or a tulip beer glass to serve Adnams Ghost Ship. These types of glasses help to concentrate the ale's aromatic hops and allow for a fuller appreciation of its golden hue and frothy head.
  • Pouring: Pour slowly at an angle to ensure a moderate head forms, which releases the beer's aromatics and contributes to the overall tasting experience.
  • Pairing: Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol-Free Pale Ale pairs wonderfully with a variety of foods. Its balanced bitterness and citrus notes make it a great companion to grilled meats, seafood, spicy dishes, and even rich, creamy cheeses. The beer's refreshing character also makes it a perfect palate cleanser between bites.
  • Occasions: This alcohol-free pale ale is versatile enough for any occasion, from a relaxing evening at home to social gatherings and celebrations. It's a drink that can be enjoyed by everyone, providing the full craft beer experience without the alcohol.

By following these serving suggestions, you can fully enjoy Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol-Free Pale Ale in the way it was intended, enhancing both its taste and your overall enjoyment of this exceptional brew.

About Adnams


Step right up and discover the enchanting world of Adnams, an esteemed UK-based brewing and distilling company that has been quenching the nation's thirst with delectable libations since 1872. Nestled in the charming coastal town of Southwold, Suffolk, Adnams started as a humble brewery and has since blossomed into a veritable cornucopia of spirits, wines, and other tantalising beverages.

Adnams is not just any ordinary purveyor of fine tipples, though. They've become the vanguard of sustainability and ethical practices in the drinks industry. With a steadfast commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, this eco-friendly company has set an example with green initiatives that would make Mother Nature herself proud. Marvel at the solar panels and wind turbine adorning their brewery, and be amazed by their zero waste policy for beer production.

But fear not, for Adnams' dedication to sustainability does not come at the expense of quality. Their flavourful creations have earned them a legion of devoted fans, eagerly sipping on their popular Ghost Ship pale ale, savouring the delights of Copper House Gin, or raising a toast with East Coast Vodka. And let's not forget their curated collection of wines, handpicked from small, family-run vineyards – a testament to Adnams' unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity.

Adnams stands tall as a shining beacon of excellence in the UK beer and spirits landscape. With their unwavering dedication to sustainability and exceptional products that tantalise the senses, Adnams is more than just a brand – it's an adventure in taste, waiting to be explored. So, come along, and let Adnams whisk you away on a magical journey of extraordinary libations and unforgettable experiences. Cheers!

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Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free Pale Ale
Nutritional Information Per 100ml

Nutrient Amount
Energy (Kcal) 23kcal
Fat 0.1g
Sodium 0.1g
Carbs 4.4g
Sugars 0.1g
Protein 0.5g
Ingredients:  Water, Malted Barley, Malted Rye, Hops, Yeast

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