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Why customers choose

  • In house fulfilment

    Our in house fulfilment enables us to deliver next day for orders before 5pm.

  • We know our drinks

    We only accept the very best drinks on the market giving consumers the confidence to purchase from us.

  • Brewdog Lost AF Can and Bottle


    With over 300 different drinks from beers, ciders, wines, spirits and functional drinks; DryDrinker.Com gives consumers the best choice in the market

""The biggest challenge facing the no/low category is availability: no/low products lack visibility; among retailers, there is often confusion about where they should be displayed. The choice of products is often limited.""

IWSR Drinks Market Analysis

Our team has the experience to succeed

Stuart Elkington

Ex Greene King Pubs, Spirit Pub Company

CEO, Product, Strategy

Steve Dancer, Commercial Director

Ex Asda, Heineken, Greene King, Theakston Brewery

Contracts, Procurement

Tiffany Pyatt

Ex Majestic Wine

CRM, Growth & Brand Marketer

Tim Lawton

E-commerce, IT, Website

Daniya Stewart

Managing Director

Debbie Brooks

Customer Service

  • Existing options leave clear gaps for consumers

    Limited selections, poor quality products and confusing information makes it difficult to buy with confidence.

    DryDrinker.Com removes this and it’s the reason we have the highest average product rating in the industry!

  • We are growing rapidly

    We have 7 years of experience delivering to happy customers and great relationships with producers.

    We have been through the highs of Covid and are out the other side stronger than ever.

  • It's incredibly easy to make an investment

    If you'd like to be a part of our journey we'll send you a digital investment agreement for us both to sign.

    Simply review, e-sign, and transfer the funds. The whole process can be completed in a few hours.

DryDrinker Investor Questions

Discover how investing in DryDrinker can be a promising opportunity. Visit our Investor Questions page for detailed insights and answers tailored to help our potential investors make informed decisions.


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