APRTF Bitter Aperitif Non Alcoholic Spirit 700ml

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Seduced by a bittersweet spritz?

Tasting Notes

Balanced and beautifully bitter 0% alcohol aperitif – Cranberry’s vibrant natural tart taste and rich colour carry the wormwood and orange bitterness.

Along with your favourite alcohol free, or alcoholic spirit, you can now enjoy an evening Negroni style drink.

How To Enjoy

Signature Serves

The Spritz! 50ml APRTF topped off with tonic. Add Ice of course, and a slice of orange.
– APRTF 50ml
– Prosecco (Non Alcoholic or Alcoholic) 75ml
– Soda 50ml
– Orange Wedge

Pour in the APRTF, Prosecco & soda into a wine glass filled with ice and stir with a barspoon. Garnish with
an orange wedge.


APRTF is a beautifully British made bitter 0% alcohol aperitif.

Realising people craved the same flavours we created APRTF so people can still enjoy their favourite cocktails with no or low alcohol, for any occasion, and most importantly – without compromise. Along with your favourite mixer, you can now
enjoy an evening 0% Negroni style drink.

APRTF is the alternative for the mindful drinker and health conscious. 0% alcohol

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Nutritional Facts
Nutritional Values per 50ml
energy (kJ) 44
energy (kcal) 10
fat 0.05g
saturates 0.05g
carbohydrate 2.6g
sugars 1.4g
protein 0.05g