Funky Fluid Brewery Non-Alcoholic Beers

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Perfect for those seeking adventure in their glass without the alcohol, Funky Fluid invites you to explore their eclectic selection of non-alcoholic beers.

About Funky Fluid Brewery

Funky Fluid, a dynamic Warsaw-based brewery, is making waves in the craft beer scene with its bold approach to non-alcoholic brews. Renowned for pushing the boundaries of beer innovation, Funky Fluid ensures that beer enthusiasts need not compromise on taste for the sake of moderation. Their non-alcoholic line-up is a testament to their commitment to creativity and quality, offering a diverse array of flavours that challenge the status quo of alcohol-free options. From the refreshingly tart Non-Alcoholic Ice Cream Sour to the rich and hoppy Non-Alcoholic NEIPA, each beer is crafted with the same attention to detail and passion as their alcoholic brews.