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Discover the beautiful world of Vintense non-alcoholic wines, expertly crafted to deliver an authentic wine experience without alcohol. 


The Vintense story started in 1895 when the Stassen family first started creating traditional alcoholic beverages in the heart of Belgium’s Aubel Valley. It was in 1990 that the Stassen family began to deal with the de-alcoholisation of its products. A European pioneer, it equipped itself with state-of-the-art facilities and developed an innovative process. 

The Vintense brand was created in 2011 - becoming the first de-alcoholised wine brand in belgium. Since then it has grown to a 45% market share of still and sparkling alcohol-free wines in Belgium and is distributed in over 40 countries. 


The carefully selected range features delectable reds, refreshing whites, and delicate rosés, each brimming with rich flavours, tantalising aromas, and perfect balance. Across the range, they have won over 11 awards at international competitions