Alcohol Free Online Communities

Dry Drinker has teamed up with three alcohol free online communities that share the health and well-being benefits of drinking alcohol-free.
And there’s a Dry Drinker discount for members of our right-minded affiliates:
Club Soda
Man v Fat
OYNB (One Year, No Beer)
Check their websites for details.

Club Soda

Do a sober sprint, drink mindfully or go alcohol-free with the help of Club Soda – the Mindful Drinking Movement. Significantly, Club Soda wants a world where nobody has to feel out of place if they are not drinking alcohol.
Club Soda lets you set goals and track progress, alongside sending motivational emails, has a supportive online community and runs events. They’d encourage you to mash up a mocktail with some zero-alcohol Seedlip distilled botanicals. Or maybe try one of Nirvana Brewery’s four flavour-packed craft ales. And Club Soda is free to join!

Man v Fat

Man v Fat is weight loss motivation for the fat man. The website supports you for every single pound you need to lose, with a book, weight loss schemes, forums, inspiring stories, accountability groups.
And Man v Fat Football, which is played in leagues nationwide and is FA endorsed.
An isotonic beer like Erdinger would certainly go down well after a footie match – with 125 calories per can, and no fat or cholesterol. Buy online from the UK’s most trusted alcohol-free store, Dry Drinker.

OYNB (One Year No Beer)

One Year No Beer isn’t just about giving up beer, or giving it up for a whole year. OYNB is for men and women who want to take a break from alcohol for as little as 28 or 90 days. It’s a coaching and accountability program designed to help you take a break from and challenge your relationship with alcohol - especially for people who’ve questioned how much they drink.
And meanwhile they offer a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee if the programmes don’t work for you.
That deserves a toast with some alcohol free Scavi & Ray Prosecco, from Dry Drinker!
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