Green Policy

As part of our continuing commitment to the global and local environment Drydrinker Limited has introduced this environmental policy. We recognise that, in delivering services to our customers, our operations can impact on the environment. We are therefore committed to minimising that impact, whilst at the same time maintaining sight of our business objectives.

Our Green Policy


We recognise that in delivering services to our customers, our operations can have an impact on the environment. Drydrinker is therefore committed to minimising that impact and doing its part towards preserving the environment for future generations, whilst at the same time maintaining our levels of service.


As part of our ongoing commitment to reducing our impact on waste materials, landfill and consumption we have implemented a continuous audit of materials and as a result we have already introduced:

  • Biodegradable, recycled packaging where possible.
  • Reuse of inbound packaging materials where possible.
  • Biodegradable, recycled parcel tape where appropriate.
  • With the exception of large orders, invoices are only sent on request by email.

Paper consumption has been reduced through electronic ordering and by sending the vast majority of our mail shot out by e-mail. In turning to these methods we have reduced the need for paper and card which a traditional mail shot requires.


Compactor installation at Drydrinker.


As well as integrating recycled materials (as mentioned above) in our production and packaging techniques, we have also introduced some more common recycling policies to reduce waste.

We have installed a compactor to ensure that all cardboard packaging can be fully recycled and used again in packaging products.

We also encourage staff to recycle all:
Pallet wrap

Carriers and logistics

As part of our green agenda, we only use couriers and postage services who share a similar commitment towards the environment, reducing carbon footprints and achieving carbon neutrality. For this reason we exclusively dispatch goods using Royal Mail (Royal Mail Policy) and DHL (DHL Policy).

Across the board we are striving to ensure that the best postage practice with all type of mailing is being used to reduce wastage and unnecessary carbon emissions.


The company will:

  • Assess in advance the environmental impact of any significant new development.
  • Respect any wildlife on the premises.
  • Wherever possible, eliminate, reduce, reuse and recycle waste and/or ensure its proper disposal.
  • Ensure all employees are aware of environmental issues and act responsibly.
  • Examine the environmental impact of goods and services prior to their purchase.


This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis and at other times if specific circumstances require it.


All directors and staff are responsible for the practical application of these policies in accordance with best practice and existing and future legislation. The person with overall responsibility for environmental matters and drafting this policy on behalf of the company is Tim Lawton.

Stuart Elkington, Managing Director

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